Phone Services

Two phone jacks are located in each residence hall room.

Currently, a student in one of the existing residence halls should contact the Phone Repair Office. They can either call x1887 on campus, or 717-477-1887 from off campus phones. They may also email Darlene Price at . They will ask for a phone line to be activated in their room. Darlene will have additional questions, and will notify the user of the extension number that will be assigned. Our turnaround time may be 3-4 business days.

At present, there is no cost for the dial tone into the room. In addition, voicemail is provided free-of-charge, if the student prefers to use our voicemail instead of an answering machine. Incoming calls can be placed to the room. No collect calls are permitted. Campus call (four digit dialing), local calls (Shippensburg local exchange numbers) and Toll-free calls may be made at no charge. Dialing instructions may be found online.

It should be noted that local calls do not include all of the 717 area code, only Shippensburg local exchange.

No long distance service is provided by the campus any longer. There simply was very little interest in supporting that type of service. Callers may acquire a pre-paid calling card from local retail locations. These services provide an 800 access number, and allow the caller to draw from their pre-paid levels to make toll calls.

In the future, the new campus apartments are slated to have a less saturated level of service. Phone service will be available on a first come first served basis, but we expect sufficient dial tone to be available based on current trends. The same level of service will be available; incoming, campus, local and toll-free outgoing calls, and voicemail. The only difference is that we expect there will be a semester or annual fee associated with the requested service. Hopefully, we will be able to keep these charges low enough to keep this a good value.