Student Payroll

Welcome to Shippensburg University Student employment.  Any questions regarding student payroll, please contact Student Payroll at extension 3109.

BEFORE your first day of work

Please complete the following payroll forms and bring them to the Human Resources Department (Old Main 109)/or a Student Employee Payroll Session. FAILURE TO RETURN YOUR COMPLETED AND REQUIRED DOCUMENTS WILL RESULT IN A DELAY AUTHORIZATION TO BEGIN STUDENT EMPLOYMENT ON CAMPUS.  

To avoid mixing different forms on the same paper - DO NOT DUPLEX.   You must use Ship Email on all requesting documents.

                                                     Click here to print all forms

  • Student Employee Data Form – Please complete all sections
  • Residency Certification Form –Complete Employee Information and Certification Sections.
  • Form W-4 - Employee withholding Allowance Certificate - complete the bottom section, sign and date.  This form may be changed at any time by completing a new form, and bring to the HR office.
  • Employment Eligibility Verification form (I-9) – You must complete and sign section 1 on page 7.  .  Lists of acceptable documents is attached.  Social Security card is required for payroll purpose only.
  • Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9) Instruction  – This is for your information purpose only. DO NOT PRINT.
  • Local Services Tax (LST) – Exemption Certificate - Complete this form ONLY if exemption applies.  If your combined total annual income from all jobs in PA is anticipated to be less than $12,000 you may be exempt from paying LST tax (No. 2  to be completed with Shippensburg and $12,000 entered in the blank lines).  If another employer has collected the $52 tax in full for the current year, you may be exempt.  Proof of payment with a pay stub would be required in addition to the completed back of the form.  Sign and date the back of the form.
  • Direct Deposit – please ensure the information is accurate. Attached a voided check or documentation from the Financial Institution to verify transit routing number and account number.  It is very convenient over break and at the end of the semester when you may not be on campus to pick up your check.
  • Confidentiality Statement
  • Background Checks – Complete all sections
    • Information Release Authorization
    • Background Clearance Certification for Provisional Employment or Volunteering
    • FBI Questionnaire

For your information…..