EpiServer Demo CMS - Getting Started 

Interface and Functionality

This document outlines the EpiServer's toolbar and panes. If you find some functionality is not working it may be due to the type of access you have been granted or the function has not been activated. 

Navigation Pane

  • All sites are listed alphabetically and show the pages of the website as a tree structure.
  • pinPin Navigation Pane settings: If you have expanded the pane, click to save your settings to the next time you log in to the website.
  • pageclickWhen a page is highlighted click on the icon to the right of the page title for these options: Add new page, copy, cut, or move to trash.

Toolbar Options

  • Show nav paneShow Navigation Pane: Click to expand the pane to the default width. You can then drag to expand the pane to the size you want.
  • New page Click plus sign to add a new page or block.
  • toggle settings Click to toggle view settings.
  • Page previewClick to preview page. Click again return to edit mode.

Content Area

  • The Content Area shows the current page. It can also be a specific area on a web page for adding content through drag-and-drop operations. Clicking on a specific area will open the content in the WYSIWYG or HTML Editor.
    Content Area

Options/Publish Button

  • The Options button appears in the top right corner of the page until you change anything on the page. Click the down arrow for more information. 
    Options no change
  • The Publish button appears when you change any of the content on the page. Click down arrow for more options.

Assets Pane/Forms Editing

  • Assets Pane contains blocks,media and other tools for customization. Click on file icon to expand.
    Assets pane