Getting Help With Math

There are a number of resources on campus for Shippensburg University students to get help with their math work.

FAQs About Getting Help With Math

  • I am having trouble in my math class. What should I do?
    • First check the basics:
      • Reading the text before class?
      • Going to class?
      • Spending 2 or 3 hours studying math between class sessions?
      • Handing in assignments?
      • Reading and thinking through instructor's comments on your graded assignments?
      • Find a study buddy or a small group among your classmates?
  • I'm doing these things, but maybe I just need to do them better. Could someone help me with that?
    • Absolutely. The Learning Center is the university's primary academic resource center and is available to all Ship students. The goal at the Learning Center is to help you develop skills and strategies that will enable you to become an independent, active learner and to achieve academic success.
  • I'm doing all those things, but I think the problem is with the math, not the study habits I have. What if I still need help with the math?
    • Go see your professor. All professors at Ship have office hours and expect students with questions or concerns (or who just want to talk about the ideas in the class) to stop in during those times. Most are also willing to set up an appointment outside of those hours if they don't work for you. Check your course syllabus for your professor's office hours, stop by the department office or email
  • I tried that too. Are there any other options?
    • Don't forget the Mathematics Walk-In Tutoring Hours in MCT 252.

Mathematics Walk-In Tutoring Hours in MCT 252

If you have questions about the reading, the ideas, the procedures or the problem sets in college algebra, precalculus, calculus, or applied statistics, Mathematics Walk-In Tutoring Hours may be the answer. They are staffed by advanced mathematics students who are ready, willing and able to help you get the most out of your math or stat course. This is a drop-in service held in MCT 252. No appointment is necessary. Check for the latest updates on the door of MCT 252.

Learning Center

The Learning Center in Mowrey Hall offers a variety of tutoring services. Tutors can help you study for an exam, learning better study skills, and improve your writing skills. You don’t have to be struggling with your studies to get extra help from the Learning Center.