Shippensburg University’s Office of Connection puts grant to work

Shippensburg University’s Office of Connection – Drug and Alcohol Services is putting its recent Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board grant to work with a new video produced to educate students on the topic of medical amnesty. The $19,300 grant supports the creation of relatable content and programming that educates students on the consequences of drug and alcohol use.

Medical amnesty under PA Act 66 provides immunity from prosecution to a person under the age of 21 for the possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages if law enforcement, including campus safety police, become aware of possession or consumption solely because the individual was seeking medical assistance for someone else.

The new animated video encourages students to “be a good friend” and call for help and stay with their friend if they are experiencing potential alcohol poisoning or a drug overdose.

The grant has supported several other initiatives including an alcohol free Homecoming tailgate.