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Meet the Shippensburg University Council of Trustees

Dedicated volunteers who help lead the university into the future.

Michael Schaul ’71 – ’72M


President, WHM Group
President, ESG Group, Ltd.
President, Spruce Creek Group, Ltd.
Secretary, Wildlife for Everyone Foundation
Member, Wetland Advisory Committee
Trustee Member, Board of Governors, 2001-2006
Trustee since 1999, Chair since 2007

Favorite thing about Ship: The students and probably an equal favorite is Ship and its campus.

Two interesting things about you: Interesting things about me are best defined through my family and friends. I am fortunate, and honored enough, to have quite a collection of diverse friends.

Most memorable Ship experience: Wow, almost impossible to answer. When I walk through campus I see memories: the book walk to the new library, electing the first guy Homecoming Queen, hanging in the Raider Room, roommates, joining the Rolling Rock Club, dance night at “Stu” Hall, and sadly, friends who are no longer with us.

For fun: Golf, working out, travel, and fighting the age curve…

One thing readers should know: With my colleague trustees I feel the presence of those who came before us, for they gave us the Ship we have today. We obligate ourselves to provide choices for those who come after us. As time moves forward, we have become greatly concerned about the future of the university and what will come into the hands of those who come after us. You will be hearing more from me on this very important topic.

Debra Gentzler


Retired Pennsylvania Legislature Assistant
Vice Chair
Trustee since 1995

Favorite thing about Ship: The students—I’m impressed at the quality of our students, how creative and dedicated to their major they are.

Two interesting things about you: I love watching the ocean—my troubles get washed away in the waves. I love animals, mostly dogs.

Most memorable Ship experience: Going to the scholarship recipient dinners. I get emotional hearing the stories about the students as well as those initiating the scholarships.

For fun: I go camping with my family.

One thing readers should know: While I am not an alum, I love Shippensburg University as if I were a graduate!

Dennis Castelli


History Professor Emeritus
Trustee since 2003

Favorite thing about Ship: Since 1964 I have been taken in as part of the Ship family. There has been over all these years a sense of kinship, of friendship, of belonging and in my experience of higher ed this has been and continues to be a unique atmosphere.

Two interesting things about you: To the best of my knowledge I have been only one of three people to have served on the faculty and then become a trustee and only one of two faculty to have served as a trustee and a member of the board of the SU Foundation. My family has always been central to my life and currently that includes my wife, my daughters (and the “meatheads” they married), my grandchildren, my 96-year- old feisty mother, and my sister.

Most memorable Ship experience: Fifteen years as the chair of the Department of History/Philosophy and serving as a member of the search committee that brought Tony Ceddia to campus.

For fun: Travel—since we retired in 1997 my wife and I have visited over 40 countries and 20 U.S. states with more to come. I love to read murder mysteries and historical fiction. I have been known to visit a casino.

One thing readers should know: In all my roles I try to keep the best interests and well being of the students upper- most as I participate in decision-making. Students must be our consistent focus.

Thomas Dunn ’06


Washington, D.C.
Trustee since 2009

Favorite thing about Ship: I love the culture of community that Shippensburg fosters. SHIP has a gorgeous campus and top-notch academic programs, but to me, it is really the people of Shippensburg that make it a great place to live and learn.

Two interesting things about you: The Dos Equis “Most Interesting Man in the World” commercials are loosely based on me. I recently started building a wine collection of which I still know very little about.

Most memorable Ship experience: When I was student body president, we worked on planning the ShipRec Center, the renovation of Reisner Hall, and the expansion of the Ceddia Union Building. When I see these completed buildings and the on-going construction around campus, it reminds me that the work we did then had a very lasting effect. Having a hand in those campus improvements, then and today, is very memorable, and I’m reminded every time I visit campus.

For fun: I enjoy going to concerts, playing softball and golf, backpacking, and dining out.

One thing readers should know: I’ve been told I have an unhealthy obsession with politics.

William A. Gindlesperger


Founder and Chairman, eLynxx Solutions
Inventor with robust patent portfolio
Prolific published author
Consultant specializing in profitability improvement
Member of Advisory Board of John L. Grove College of Business
Member of Board of Shippensburg University Center for Community Engagement, Learning and Service
Trustee since 2013

Favorite thing about Ship: The care and concern by the staff of the University of each student is exemplary.

Two interesting things about you: I believe a person’s highest calling is to help children become successful young adults, and I actively mentor numerous young people of whom I am very proud.

Most memorable Ship experience: I did not have the opportunity to attend Shippensburg University, and rather graduated from Dickinson College in 1968 as a religion/philosophy major.

One thing readers should know: Shippensburg University has become one of the best educational institutions in the country. Its programs including those of its John L. Grove College of Business have become as good as any available anywhere at substantially higher cost. Shippensburg University is a very special place that is deserving of our time, talents and investment.

Charles Goodhart ’74 – ’86M


Transportation Consultant
Trustee since 2003

Favorite thing about Ship: Home football games!

Two interesting things about you: I have sung in my church choir for 55 years and was a volunteer fire fighter/EMT for many years.

Most memorable Ship experience: Watching both my son and daughter graduate from Ship.

For fun: Go golfing, singing, reading, and walking.

One thing readers should know: I’m passionate about Shippensburg University and am proud to serve on the Council of Trustees with such a dedicated and diligent group of men and women.

Glen Grell


Pennsylvania State Representative
Trustee since 1995

Favorite thing about Ship: The student body. Over my years on the council, I have met so many decent and motivated young people determined to make the most of their college opportunity, whether in academics, sports, student government, campus life, other related activities, or all of the above.

Two interesting things about you: Prior to my election to the General Assembly, I served six years as deputy general counsel to Governor Tom Ridge. I am a certified U.S. Soccer Foundation referee. Although my current position makes it difficult to do much referring, it keeps me connected to the game, and I hope to do more in the future.

Most memorable Ship experience: It would have to be my participation on the Presidential Search Committee, which resulted in Dr. Ruud being selected to head the university.

For fun: I enjoy watching my adult son agonize over his fantasy football team every fall weekend. I enjoy watching my daughter play soccer and visiting other PSAC campuses. I am also engaged in a hopeless pursuit to break 80 in golf.

One thing readers should know: I have never had a cup of coffee.

Gene Herritt ’72M


Sales Executive, Fortney Packages Inc.
Trustee since 2011

Favorite thing about Ship: The people. In addition to living in the Shippensburg community for over 40 years, I have served as president of the alumni board and taught as an adjunct at Ship. During that time and in those capacities I have had the privilege of serving with students, professors, administrators, parents, and donors. The consistency of the quality of those individuals over the years has been a source of both pride and inspiration to me.

Two interesting things about you: I believe I am the only person to serve as president of the alumni board who does not hold an undergraduate degree from Ship. I am a Clarion University graduate earning a maser’s degree from Ship in 1972. I’ve been in 48 states with Alaska and North Dakota yet to be visited. Alaska will happen in 2013 after which a visit to North Dakota will become an obsession.

Most memorable Ship experience: Watching the changes to the university over the last 40 years as the institution grows itself, its student opportunities, and its graduates.

For fun: I enjoy reading, traveling, cooking, and spending time with my wife and family.

One thing readers should know: I enjoy serving on various boards and committees. I get a sense of fulfillment to know I am helping to make our community a better place to live and offering increased opportunities for my friends and neighbors.

Stephanie Madara


Sophomore Marketing and Management Major
Student Trustee since 2014

Favorite thing about Ship: My favorite thing about Ship is all of the great opportunities that are available for the students both inside and outside of the classroom.

Two interesting things about you: First, my past jobs have included driving an ice cream truck and also working as a bridal dress consultant. Secondly, my favorite place to be is at the beach. Although I love Shippensburg and everything that it has to offer, I wish it were a tad closer to the beach.

Most memorable Ship experience: My most memorable experience at Shippensburg, so far, has been becoming a Resident Assistant in Seavers Hall. As an RA, I get to work with great people, including the residents and my fellow members. I enjoy building a sense of community in my residence hall!

For fun: In my free time, I love to exercise and hang out with my friends.

One thing readers should know: As the Student Trustee, I am honored to represent the views and opinions of the diverse group of students we have here at Ship. I am always willing to listen to any ideas or feedback people may have!

Andrew M. Paris ’02


Executive Director of the Pennsylvania State Tax Equalization Board
Trustee since 2013

Favorite thing about Ship: There are far too many to list only one. I think the faculty, the culture of the students, the campus and the town are all awesome. If I had to drill it down to one favorite thing I would have to say it's the opportunity Ship provides. It's the opportunity to have an educational experience that's fulfilling on all levels while laying a solid foundation for the rest of your life.

Two interesting things about you: I've been hooked on Pennsylvania politics since my senior year at Ship. I'm also hooked on classic science fiction.

Most memorable Ship experience: When I recently saw some old friends from Ship we reminisced for hours. So there are far too many memorable experiences to list.

For fun: The most fun I have these days is simply spending quality time with my family. Also being a Trustee is a lot of fun.

One thing readers should know: Since graduating from Ship I found the following advice to be the most reliable guide for success: trust your instincts. And to thine own self be true. 

Ken Shoemaker


President, Orrstown Bank Foundation
Trustee since 1989

Favorite thing about Ship: There are so many, but I suppose at the top of the list would be our reputation as one of the top colleges in the northeast. I am always proud to tell folks that I am a trustee at Ship. I also like the fact we are a student-centered campus, which puts students first.

Two interesting things about you: On the fun side I am a Margaritaville Parrothead and have attended an annual Jimmy Buffet concert for the past fifteen years. On the serious side, I was privileged to serve a three-year term as a director of the Federal Reserve Bank in Philadelphia, which was a highlight of my career.

Most memorable Ship experience: Being named an honorary alumnus of Ship was very, very special. As a trustee, having the opportunity to meet and talk with a wide variety of leaders like Bishop Desmond Tutu, General Tommy Franks, and astronaut Buzz Aldrin to name a few.

For fun: I enjoy golf, travel, and bicycling. I hope to complete a four-state, 65-mile bike ride this year for my 65th birthday.

One thing readers should know: I am a compassionate person who likes to lead through consensus. I also try to live by trying to find the positive in every situation.