K-12 Educators Institute

Course registration begins: Monday, March 19, 2018

Shippensburg University has been dedicated for over 140 years to providing professional development opportunities to educators. Ship's K-12 Educators Institute is a series of short-term graduate workshop courses offered for professionals at all levels of K-12 instruction. Our wide-variety of courses are great for teachers, counselors, principals, homeschoolers and daycare professionals and are designed by Shippensburg University faculty and district/IU experts.

The courses are specifically designed for K-12 educators and graduate students with departmental approval. No undergraduate students are permitted in these courses. If you are interested in online, undergraduate credit-only courses, see complete list here

K-12 Educators Institute offers:
  • A variety of subject areas  
  • Courses for graduate credit and/or continuing education units
  • Flexible learning experiences online, on-campus, off-campus site
  • Most courses can be completed in one or two weeks 


Current & Past Students

Shippensburg University encourages all students who've taken or are currently taking courses to register for K-12 Educators Institute summer course offerings. To register for summer courses: Log into the myShip portal using your Ship email address and password. If you took any K-12 Educators Institute courses last summer and do not remember your login information, please email pcde@ship.edu for assistance. 

Non-Degree Students

Ship welcome individuals who are interested in taking Shippensburg University classes without being a degree-seeking student. You must meet the University’s academic requirements, which can viewed within graduate and undergrad catalogs. Interested non-degree students must complete the following, for successful enrollment into desired class:

  • Must complete the prerequisite coursework for the particular course in which they want to enroll 
  • Enrolling in a class that is open and permits non-degree students  

View complete guide to help you successfully registering for course on our Non-degree Student page

If you do not see a course or subject of interest, please give PCDE a call (717) 477-1502 or email us 

K-12 Summer Course Offerings

Below is a complete list of Summer 2018 courses. Please check back periodically for course information updates.