PCDE Student Stories | Logan McGrane

Where are you from? I am actually from Hagerstown, Maryland.

What year are you graduating? I will be graduating in May of 2018.

What is your program/major? I am working on a Masters in Public Administration in the political science department.

What are your future career goals? I currently work as a firefighter in a large the Metropolitan Washington area. I hope to someday serve in an executive level leadership role. I also like to have my options open for any kind of public servant management role.  

Internship Experience:
a. What is/was your role and responsibilities?
I interned within the Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) specifically under their Opioid Operational Command Center (OOCC). This Command Center was established after the Governor of MD declared a state of emergency because of the opioid crisis. Specifically, I was responsible for tracking information from each of 24 established Opioid Intervention Teams (OIT) across the state. I also took part in all meetings, conference calls, and even had the opportunity to help with project proposals for the $4million given to those OIT’s.

b. How did you choose this internship?
I have always been somewhat interested in emergency management. I have taken several classes and working in the fire service I am very familiar with it. When I applied to MEMA, they liked my background as a paramedic and allowed me to be part of the OOCC.

c. What will you take away from this experience that you can apply to your future career?
I took away a lot of things. I was able to apply a lot of organizational theory concepts to the Opioid Operational Command Center as it is still up and coming. I have a whole dry erase board full of continuing education ideas such as project management, emergency management certification, and grant writing. 

d. What have you learned throughout your Shippensburg University education that has been most helpful during your internship?
Most helpful thing that I have learned is the history of government and how it effects everything about an organization. Understanding politics is simply part of understanding public administration. I have taken several elective courses which are great for building onto the program as well.

How has Shippensburg University prepared you for your future?
I would say that Ship’s program has been full of useful information and resources. I have truly enjoyed just about every class and how it applied to modern day organizations. I look forward to being in a position someday when I can apply what I have learned to the max.

Did you have previous experience, knowledge, or background in the content area of your chosen program?
I have a little bit of experience from my online undergrad degree in public safety administration. This degree was very specific to administration of organizations relating to public safety. It did not have the depth of government and broad scope of administration that the ship MPA program has.

What surprised you in taking some of the courses?
I have been surprised with the books. I am a student who reads everything. I have found a lot of enjoyment in the readings. I think the book selection has been very pertinent.

Did you have any difficulty getting through your coursework once you were enrolled in your program?
No difficulty. It’s all about time management. As a shift worker I am often off during the day which allows me to have full days of homework. 

How do you plan to use your certificate, degree, or new knowledge and experience? Can you share a professional goal of yours?
I plan to become an executive level leader within my organization or any other public organization related to emergency management should the opportunity arise. Future goal is to lead a major part of an organization.

Any tips for future students?
Tips would be to manage time well. I know what it’s like to work full time and part time while going to school. I do one class at a time and will have a Master’s degree within a 2-year timeframe. Taking one course at a time helps give more attention to coursework and get the most out of it.

Any favorite courses, experiences, or faculty moments you’d like to share? 
I really enjoyed policy analysis and can already tell that Human Resources Management is going to be up there as well. Faculty, I would like to give a shout out to Dr. Neil Brasher. I initially started in another program but after hearing my goals he got me where I needed to be in the MPA program.

He truly understands the challenges of working full time during school and he allows me extreme flexibility. He was also instrumental in my internship by allowing the timeframe I asked for. He has always been willing to make things happen for me and without him I’d be behind somehow.