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ShipPCDE Student Journey: MPA @ Dixon University Center

Ship@Dixon Student Spotlights

Where are you from? Palmyra PA

What year are you graduating? Fall 2018

What is your program/major? Masters of Public Administration

What are your future career goals?  My goal has always been to work in public service.  I currently work for a government agency, and I find a great deal of fulfillment working in the public sector. 

How has Shippensburg University prepared you for your future?  Shippensburg has given me a great foundation to build my career.  In addition to the knowledge I’ve gained, I’ve also found the masters program to be a great networking opportunity.  I’ve made connections with several other area professionals who work in related disciplines. 

Did you have previous experience, knowledge, or background in the content area of your chosen program? If no, what helped you chose your area of study through PCDE?  I had work experience in my chosen program.  I felt that the MPA program would only help to expand my skill set and provide me the broader knowledge to take on higher level leadership responsibilities within my profession.

What surprised you in taking some of the courses?  I was surprised at how much the professors encouraged us to share our professional experiences.  It was great to be able to hear the experiences of classmates and relate what we were learning to real life situations.

Did you have any difficulty getting through your coursework once you were enrolled in your program?  At first I was nervous about my ability to complete coursework while still working fulltime, however I found that I was able to fall into a rhythm with my assignments and find a balance between work and school.

How do you plan to use your certificate, degree, or new knowledge and experience? Can you share a professional goal of yours?  I currently work in human resources in the public sector.  I chose the MPA program because I wanted to understand how my discipline fits into the other aspects of public administration.  I hope to use my degree to help me obtain leadership positions within the human resource field.

Any tips for future students? You can do it!  The thought of going back to grad school was a little daunting to me at first, but I’ve found that if you have the passion and drive to further your education, you can find a way to make it work.

Any favorite courses, experiences, or faculty moments you’d like to share? I’ve had great experiences with the MPA faculty.  In addition to being incredibly knowledgeable, I’ve found that the faculty are dedicated to ensuring that the students have a good experience in the program.

Professional accomplishments:  I’ve obtained my Professional in Human Resources certification from the HR Certification Institute. 

For more information about Ship's MPA Program, please visit the MPA website