Political Science / Public Administration Internships

Why invest in an internship?

Learn to apply your studies to the workplace. Find out if work in a particular agency or office is for you. Make contacts that can lead to a permanent job opportunity. Explore the requirements for additional training and class work. Student can gain in all of these areas through participation in an internship experience. Our students have worked for state agencies, political offices and campaigns, not-for-profit organizations, law offices, local government officials and authorities. Round out your educational experiences with on the job exposures that also apply credits to the major requirements of your degree.

When is the application deadline?

June 1; see the link to the application, above.

How to Get an Internship

For undergraduates, the three internship "classes" are:

  • PLS 395
  • PLS 396
  • PLS 397

The B.A. in POLITICAL SCIENCE allows 3 internship credits to be applied to the elective requirements in the major. [40 hours of work for each credit hour]

The B.S. in PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION encourages 6 credits to be applied to the elective requirements in the major. [40 hours of work for each credit hour]

Requirements for Eligibility

  • Have completed 60 credits
  • 2.0 GPA overall
  • 2.3 GPA in the major


  • Talk with your advisor about what you need to fulfill your major requirements.
  • Talk with the department internship coordinator.
  • Obtain the Internship Information and Application packet (see above).
  • Review the department's listing of internship sources.
  • Conduct a "job search" to locate an internship agency.
  • Develop your major duties and responsibilities with the supervisor of your internship work.
  • Develop your student educational goals to be achieved through the internship.
  • Submit your application to the department's internship coordinator.
  • Register for the academic course credits.
  • During the internship submit a monthly journal of your activities to the department's internship coordinator. Obtain interim and final evaluations from your supervisor and prepare a final report.

Special Internship Opportunities

The Harrisburg Internship Semester

This is conducted by the State System of Higher Education for students at all of the 14 campuses. Usually one student is selected from each campus each semester to receive the opportunity to work for a state agency in Harrisburg. See the attached flyer and application form for the details of this programa.

Legislative Fellowship Program

Conducted by the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, this is a full semester working for a member of the legislature. See the attached flyer and application for the details of this opportunity.

Pennsylvania School Boards Association

PSBA is looking for interns.  Contact Deidre Lenker (Director of Human Resources): (717) 506-2450, ext. 3305.