President's Cabinet 2018-2019

Laurie Carter, JD, President

Mr. Scott Barton, Senior Vice President of Administration and Finance

Dr. Kim Garris, Chief External Affairs Officer

Dr. Sue Mukherjee, Chief Strategy Officer

Mr. Adam Roth, Director Facilities Management and Planning

Dr. Carolyn M. Callaghan, Interim Dean, Professional, Continuing and Distance Education

Ms. Anne Detter Schaffner, Shippensburg University Foundation

Dr. Amy Diehl, Director, Systems and Applications, Technology and Library Services

Ms. Carlesha G. Halkias, Director of Social Equity

Ms. Mindy D. Fawks, Associate Vice President, Administration and Finance

Dr. Claire Jantz, Chair, University Forum

Dr. Jennifer Haughie, Associate Vice President, Enrollment Management

Dr. Nicole R. Hill, Dean, College of Education and Human Services

Dr. John G. Kooti, Dean, John L. Grove College of Business

Dr. Kara A. Laskowski, President, SU APSCUF

Dr. David L. Lovett, Senior Associate Vice President of Student Affairs

Dr. Barbara G. Lyman, Provost and Executive Vice President

Dr. James H. Mike, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Tracy Schoolcraft, Associate Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies

Dr. Daniel Velez, Interim Vice President, Student Affairs

Ms. Denise Yarwood, Interim Dean, Academic Engagement and Student Support

Dr. David A. Topper, Associate Vice President, Administration and Finance

Mr. Curt Miller, President, SU AFSCME

Mr. Logan Wein, Designee from Student Government

Mr. Don Mayer, Designee from APSCURF

Ms. Maya Mapp, Director of Admissions

Dr. Donta Truss, Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Success

Mr. Mark Bodenhorn, Interim Director of Communication and Marketing

Ms. Michelle Foreman, Dean of Libraries

Ms. Shannon Moran, President of the Graduate Student Association Board