End Of The Year Psychology Party April 26, 2007

End of the year1

Molly McNeil and pizza

End of the year2

Former Secretary Alex Molosky and Current Secretary Molly Brickel

End of the year3

Former Treasurer Whitney Kopp and Current Treasurer Amanda Miller

End of the year4

Former President Heather Dubner and Current President Randy Forbes

End of the year5

CurrentVP Molly McNeil and Former VP Sarah George

End of the year6

Elizabeth Kusko, Jason Parker, Sarah George

End of the year7

Dr. Bartel and Kids

End of the year8

Katie Neiswender and Dennis Robinson

End of the year9

Sarah Love

End of the year10

Brittany Harman and Emily Claus

End of the year11

Ashley Harrison and Heather Dubner

End of the year12

Elizabeth Kusko and Sarah George

End of the year13

Randy Forbes and Dr. Potoczak

End of the year14

Sarah George and Jason Parker

End of the year15

Anne Bordell and LIz Lanni

End of the year16

Logan Kennedy, Paula Koziol, Vanessa Koziol

End of the year17

Christine Renaldi and Barbara Banz

End of the year18

Dr. Sato and Dr. Haase, indicating that he comes in peace

End of the year19

Molly Brickel and Tonya Valentine, looking hot

End of the year20

Randy Forbes and Ryan Edwards

End of the year21

Christine Rinaldi and Dr. Bartoli

End of the year22

Ashley Harrison

End of the year23

Dr. Weikel and son, Dr. Morin, Randy Forbes, Amanda Miller, Molly Bricker, and Tonya Valentine

End of the year24

Dr. Sato, with hat indicating he is rooting for the Nellies?

End of the year25

Dennis Robinson, astounded