Student Research Recognition Day

Research Posters of Psychology Majors

April 5, 2007


Students and faculty on the CUB stairs



Emily Jones (faculty sponser: Dr. Haase)
"Comparing Letter Detection and Identification as a Function of Letter and Background"



Dr. France with students


Lori Barnes (faculty sponser: Dr. Potoczak)
"The Effect of Environmental Enrichment on Learning in Laboratory Rats"


Lori with Dr. Potoczak



Sarah Allen and faculty sponser Dr. Bartel
Not in photo: Sarah George and Cody Decker    
"Predictors of Subjective Age Throughout Adulthood."


Alexandra Molosky, Tish Weikel, and Shannon Kidd (sponser: Dr. Weikel)
Not in photo: Aimee Bleacher and Liz Hershberger
"Parental Influences on Narcissistic Tendencies"


Heather Smith, Lam Truong, and sponser Dr. Tomer
Not in photo: Kristen Gibbs and Kelly Tabler
"Death Attitudes in Relation to Religiosity, Regrets, and the Meaning of Death"


 Corey Samek with sponser Dr. Madey
"Product mislabeling and its effect on the consumer"


Jeffrey Diritto and sponser Dr. Madey
Not in photo: Brook Bender
"Consideration of future consequences and age-related illness on optimistic bias."


Lauren Butler and Kim Wampler (Dr. Morin)
"Adolescents' Perceptions of Parent Discipline Styles"


Corinne Berkey and Trista Putt (Dr. Morin)
"Parental Perceptions of Discipline Styles among Middle School Aged Children"


Not shown:

Jonathan Puglia, Todd Beidleman, and Barbara Banz (Dr. Hale)
"Response to Facial Emotions in Binge Drinkers"

Alyssa Pilsits, Ashley McClure, Jake Kautz, and Dan Roth (Dr. Bartoli)
"Feedback Seeking in Dating Relationships"

Raymond Canter (graduate student; Dr. Madey)
"Development and Validation of the Canter Spectrum for Body Image Assessment"