Psychology Department


Psychology Department Overview

The Department of Psychology offers an undergraduate program leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree. The psychology program is designed to provide you with knowledge of psychology's basic terminology, major theories, philosophical assumptions, and classic and current research and in-depth knowledge in your area of specialization; the general problem-solving skills common to all the liberal arts, plus the special research techniques of psychology, from experimental design to interviewing; and provide you with insight into your own psychological development, values, potentials, and career, through reflection and interaction with professors and fellow students.

Note: Your Guide Sheet and Requirments Depend on the Year that You Were Admitted as a Psychology Major


Psychology Features

All professors in the Department of Psychology have doctoral degrees and are trained researchers. We are a diverse department and our areas of expertise range from consulting work to research on health behavior, dating scripts, substance use, learned flavor preference, behavioral neuroscience, personality disorders, and crisis intervention.

A variety of options encourage you to move beyond the classroom:

  • You can do your own research project. To help you, we have laboratory facilities in Franklin Science Center that will allow you to experiment with rats, videotape interviews, use computers, and so on.
  • Or you can do an internship by finding a position as a crisis worker, attendant at a halfway house, personnel manager's assistant, or any psychology-related job and writing a paper on the experience.
  • And you can join the Psychology Club and meet other majors, hear guest speakers, and take trips to conferences, institutions and research facilities.
  • Students who qualify with an overall QPA of 3.0 or above and a 3.2 or above in psychology are invited to apply to Psi Chi, a national honor society.


Honors in Psychology Program

The Honors in Psychology Program is open to psychology majors who have and maintain a 3.8 QPA overall. Second semester freshmen who meet this requirement will be invited to participate. If you are a transfer student who would like to participate or if you believe you are qualified and were not asked, please contact the department.

Honors students must receive their 12 foundations credits from some combination of 300-level courses, 400-level courses, and/or honors credit in 200-level courses. In addition, you must earn 9 credits from any combination of the following: any 500-level graduate course in the Psychology Department; honors credit in any 300-level or 400-level course (may double up with foundations); or PSY 379 Capstone Seminar in Psychology. You must do a two semester Honors Thesis (6 credits) under the guidance of a faculty member in the Psychology Department.