The Department of Recreation offers group fitness classes designed to provide participants with a variety of activity choices.  All classes take place in ShipRec room 107.


  • Classes are drop-in.  No registration required.
  • Class participants must have a valid SU ID, or driver's license accompanied by a membership or punch card, to gain access to the facility.  Guests of members are permitted to attend group fitness classes.  All guest pass policies apply.
  • All equipment is provided. 
  • Participation is at your own risk. Users are responsible for reading and adhering to published policies and posted signs.
  • Non-marking shoes are required, and shoes not work outside are preferred. Shoes with heels are not permitted.
  • Bags/coats/personal belongings are not permitted in the group fitness room during class. As a safety precaution, all personal belongings should be secured in a locker.









CORE CIRCUIT: Multiple circuits will be used to strengthen and develop your core and build better posture, stronger body and overall confidence.  There are beginner, intermediate and advanced variations for each movement.

BOOT CAMP: The combination of weightless exercises and fat blasting cardio will focus on toning your entire body while having fun. 

DANCE FITNESS:  A high-energy cardio class that uses Latin and international rhythms for fun, easy-to-follow choreographies.  Every routine can be adjusted to your desired intensity level.

FULL BODY CIRCUIT: Full body circuit workout where your arms, core, and legs are put to the test.

LEG & BUTT BURNER: Focus on tightening up your hips, legs and glutes to help build strong and lean legs. 

MINDFUL MOVEMENT: A low key, relaxing class using stretching and meditative exercise that aid in the regeneration of the mind body and spirit.  The goal for this class is to compliment your current exercise routine and to slow our bodies down from the constant flow of life.

MOVE, BALANCE, BREATHE: Mobility class designed to increase body mobility and, subsequently, improve balance and stability. This low intensity, low impact class aids in injury prevention and muscle recovery through corrective exercises that work to fix improper form and exercise techniques.

SLOW BURN & STRENGTH: Perfect class for those who want a high intensity, low impact workout. This class works to build strength by isolating muscles through slow, controlled movements.

SWEAT IT OUT FITNESS: Fast HIIT workout with no or minimal equipment to get your heart rate up and burn some calories.