Anthropology Minor

The Anthropology Minor consists of 18 credit hours, nine of which are required, and nine of which are electives. ANT 111 is a prerequisite for all of the upper-level courses with the exception of ANT 220. Three credit hours of an internship may count toward fulfillment of the requirement for the minor.

REQUIRED COURSES (9 credit hours):

ANT 111 Cultural Anthropology
ANT 121 Physical Anthropology
ANT 150 Introduction to Archaeology

ELECTIVES (9 credit hours):

ANT 211 Comparative Cultures

ANT 220 Anthropology for International Studies

ANT 305 Food, Drink and Culture

ANT 310 Magic, Science and Religion

ANT 312 Comparative Marriage and Family

ANT 320 Comparative Gender Roles

ANT 330 Mammoth Hunters and Mound Builders

ANT 341 North American Indians

ANT 350 Medical Anthropology

ANT 351 Peoples and Cultures of Europe

ANT 360 Aztec and Maya Archaeology

ANT 390 Internship I

ANT 391 Internship II

ANT 392 Internship III

ANT 393 Selected Topics in Anthropology

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