Credit Card Payment Update

VISA Card Now Accepted to Pay Tuition Bills Online

We are pleased to announce that due to recent changes in Visa regulations for government and higher education, our online payment processor, Official Payments, will now be accepting Visa as an additional credit card payment option for Shippensburg University. Effective immediately, those who wish to pay with credit card may pay with MasterCard, Discover, American Express or VISA. You will continue to be charged a 2.49% non-refundable service fee for paying with any credit card.

An important change to be noted – if you pay with a card, you will now see two transactions on your credit card statement, one for the tuition payment to Shippensburg University, and the other for the 2.49% service fee that goes directly to Official Payments. Depending on your bank, the service fee description on your credit card statement will be similar to “OPC COL*SERVICE FEE.”


Tuition to pay = $2,000.00
2.49% service fee = $49.80
Total payment made online = $2,049.80

Your credit card statement will show two transactions:

Shippensburg University $2,000.00

Please note that the online service fee is non-refundable. If you drop a class, withdraw, or for any reason are due a refund from Shippensburg University, the service fee paid to Official Payments will NOT be refunded. As always, students have the option of paying online by electronic check with no service fee. Complete instructions on how to make payments to the university can be found on the Student Accounts website at  If you have further questions, please contact the Student Accounts Office at 717-477-1211 or