SPH 225

Dr. Rebecca Ward

Associate Professor
Director, Women’s and Gender Studies

Ph.D. Human Development, Oregon State University
M.S. Family and Consumer Economics, University of Nevada-Reno
B.S. Child and Family Studies, University of Nevada-Reno

ECH 220 The Developing Child 1:  Physical, Motor, Health and Well-Being
ECH 510 Inclusion in Early Childhood Education
ECH 564 The Business of Child Care
ECH 565 Health & Safety Practices in Early Childhood Education
ECH 540 Families and Early Childhood Education 
TCH 575 Advanced Child Development
TCH 600 Research
WST100 Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies
WST300 Seminar in Women’s and Gender Studies

Research Interests
Outcomes Measurement and Program Evaluation
Relational Resilience
Children and Families in Poverty
Reproductive Health and Sexuality Education