Developmental Reading

The Developmental Education Program seeks to make possible educational opportunities for each post-secondary learner. Specifically, the developmental reading program at Shippensburg University was designed to help students achieve academic success by developing or enhancing skills in reading. The development of skills in reading is needed for success in college-level coursework.  At Shippensburg University and other colleges and universities nationwide, students must demonstrate college-level readiness skills in reading. The course, 050 Developmental Reading, is required for students who do not possess the needed skills in reading to be successful at Shippensburg University. The university measures skill proficiencies in reading by student performance on the SAT verbal test. Therefore, all students are responsible for having SAT scores on file at the University. Placement in, and successful completion of, specified coursework is required of students who do not demonstrate proficiency as measured by a student's SAT verbal score. Students who have not taken the SAT will be required to take a placement test which will be coordinated through the placement testing office.

The Developmental Reading Program is administered through the Teacher Education Department and coordinated through the department's Reading Committee, currently chaired by Dr. Janet Bufalino. You may reach her at 717.477.1166 or


Students who have not earned a verbal SAT score higher than 425 are required to enroll and complete the 3 credit course 050 Developmental Reading. Students who have been accepted into the university without a SAT score are required to take a placement test administered by the Placement Testing Office at Shippensburg University.


Students who need to enroll and complete a developmental reading course are strongly encouraged to take the course during the summer before beginning coursework at Shippensburg University.  


Developmental reading courses are offered online during the summer months of June, July and August.  A schedule of courses for the summer of 2012 will be posted here by March 15, 2012.

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