Technology Purchases

This page lists the standard desktop and laptop computer models that may be purchased by university faculty and staff, as well as recommended monitors, printers, copiers and multifunction devices. Prices shown are for informational and budget planning purposes only. Prices are subject to change without notice. Please contact Marnie LaBonte (x1386) in Purchasing for current pricing or to obtain an actual quote for ordering.

For any technical questions/recommendations or configurations outside of these standard models, please contact Jamie Rhine (x1260) in Technology Services.

These prices are valid for budgetary purposes only. 

Standard Configurations

Please choose the type of item you want to purchase to see standard configuration options. 

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Desktop Computers
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Laptop Computers
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iPads & Tablets
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iMacs & MacBooks
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Copiers & Multifunctions
If you have questions regarding these models, or if you require a computer or printer configuration that falls outside of these standards, please contact Jamie Rhine (717-477-1260) in the Computing Technologies Center for assistance.

These prices are valid for budgetary purposes only.