Electronic Communication Policy

At Shippensburg University electronic mail (e-mail) offers efficient, effective, and timely communication between members of the University community. Thus e-mail is an official means of communication and the primary method for University faculty, administrators, and staff to contact all students. Students are expected to use the campus e-mail service and check their e-mail accounts on a regular basis because correspondence about administrative requirements, academic issues, public safety and health, judicial affairs, emergencies, and general matters will be sent in this manner. Much of this correspondence will be time-sensitive.

Students will be given a campus e-mail account at no cost.  The account is active throughout a student’s period of enrollment, including all vacation periods. Students wishing to utilize only off- campus e-mail services are expected to forward their campus e-mail to that internet provider or server. Otherwise, they are still expected to check their campus e-mail account on a regular basis. Failure to check one’s campus e-mail account in a timely manner shall not be an excuse for missing deadlines or failing to meet communicated expectations.

Therefore, all students must do the following:

  • Regularly check their accounts and read any e-mail in a timely fashion. It is preferable that students read their e-mail on a daily basis but they are expected to do so at least four times per week, including all vacation and summer periods.
  • Maintain their ship.edu inbox and home directory on the Student Information System located at info.ship.edu. In particular, all students are expected to ensure that use of the University's computing systems and networks do not exceed current published limits, thereby interfering with one’s ability to receive e-mail. All students are also expected to comply with all published policies governing computing and information networking.
  • If people choose to use software to sort incoming e-mail into folders or to filter out unsolicited advertising e-mail (SPAM), they are responsible for making sure that the filter rules do not accidentally delete official correspondence from the University.
  • If students choose to forward e-mail from ship.edu to another e-mail server, they are responsible for making sure that the e-mail is forwarded and working properly. They must also ensure that their e-mail account has adequate space available to accept new messages.

General Directions:

Registered students are assigned an e-mail account. Prior to taking their first classes, all students will receive an identification card with a library number printed on it. Once they receive the library number, students can log into the Student Information System at the http://info.ship.edu website to activate an initial password. The second step is to select "Computer Services" and "Get E-mail Userid" to obtain an userid and password. After activating an account, the e-mail service is available from any web browser pointed to http://mail.ship.edu. All campus e-mail may be forwarded to another e-mail address. To do this, login to the Student Information System and choose "Registrar" and "Forward E-mail".

revised 06/13/2005