Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) in


Accounting is the keystone in the decision-making process in any organization, regardless of size.

Undergraduate Accounting Degree Program

The goal of the accounting program at Shippensburg University is to provide students with the knowledge and skills to become successful professional accountants with rewarding careers. Because of the breadth of our program, graduates are prepared for a number of different career opportunities. Accounting is a high-demand, high-salaried field. Hospitals, insurance companies, charitable organizations, schools and universities all require the services of accountants.

Students qualified on the basis of scholastic aptitude, academic performance, and accounting-related work experience, may wish to apply for the accelerated 5-Year BSBA/MBA Program in Accounting. Contact the department with specific questions about admissions requirements.

Business Administration Degree Requirements

The undergraduate BSBA degree in Accounting requires the completion of a minimum of 120 credit hours in the following areas:

  • General Education Courses: All students are required to complete the university's general education program, which provides a balanced liberal arts foundation.
  • Business Core Curriculum: All Business Administration majors take the same core curriculum. This core includes economics, finance, information systems, marketing, organization behavior, and business law as well as other business subjects. See the College of Business website for complete course listings.
  • Accounting Courses: The courses required of the major provide students with the academic background necessary to be successful in the accounting profession. The Accounting program page has a complete list of courses.


Among the various PA colleges for accounting, Shippensburg University offers small class sizes to ensure students get ample opportunities for one-on-one contact with faculty members. Classes are taught by professionals with both a strong theoretical understanding of business administration and a working knowledge of modern accounting practices. Our faculty has a diverse range of professional backgrounds, including government financial management, personal finance, portfolio analysis and more.

The Business Internship Program

Ship has a well-established Business Internship Program that provides opportunities for on-the-job experience while gaining college credits. While participation is not mandatory for the completion of an entrepreneurship concentration, students earn one full credit hour to every equivalent of a 40-hour workweek they finish. Students can receive a maximum of nine credits.

These internship opportunities include family businesses, franchises, small businesses, and corporations where there is a need for entrepreneurial-minded individuals. Internships often turn into job offers, according to post-graduate surveys of Ship business students.

The SHIP Career Connection online job bank contains listings for both full- and part-time internship opportunities at some of PA’s leading employers. Students can also arrange their own internship by attending job fairs, networking with friends and family in the business world, or applying to federal and state programs. Internships must be approved by both the department chair and the internship director.

Career Opportunities

The perennial demand for skilled accountants in business, government and non-profit organizations means new graduates have many rewarding opportunities for beginning their career. Today's accountants fulfill a variety of roles, from big-picture budgeting to research and analysis. Many accountants end up in managerial roles where strong people skills are an asset. Others will apply their problem solving abilities to taxation and internal auditing.

While the opportunities available to new accounting graduates are varied, employers will continue to favor candidates with a wide range of both academic and professional experience. Shippensburg's undergraduate accounting degree program focuses on equipping students for success in a 21st century workforce. Required courses cover everything from organizational behavior to marketing and business administration.

Students who complete a Bachelor's degree in Accounting at Shippensburg University are adaptable and prepared for success in today's job market.