Alumni Mentoring Network

The SU Mentoring Network is in the process of transitioning to a new
system.  This new alumni mentoring network will be available in September
2013.  In the meantime, contact the University Relations office at or 717-477-1218 to receive alumni contacts and assistance. 

The SU Mentoring Network is available to students, faculty, staff and alumni who would like to make connections with alumni in a chosen career field. This is a great way to find out about the realistic job market before deciding to pursue a career; locate potential speakers or internship opportunities; identify alumni volunteers for special projects; or prepare for a career transition.  

How can YOU benefit?

Students - The Mentor Network can be used as a tool for you to learn more about your potential field. The Network is also a great opportunity for students who are near graduation or those seeking internships to make SHIP connections.
Faculty / Staff - Utilize the Mentoring Network to locate alumni with specific experiences that parallel your course or club objectives; support your department or college advisory board goals; or make connections for internship or student employment opportunities.
Alumni - find other alumni that may assist in your own career transitions or upward mobility.


How can I get started contacting these alumni volunteers?
The updated database of alumni volunteers can be accessed by visiting SHIP CAREER CONNECTION.  Click on student or alumni and either sign in or register if you are a new user. You must register even if the Mentoring Network is the only service that you are interested in using. Once registered, click on Mentoring Network and enter the passcode provided by the University Relations Office. You will now have access to the Mentoring Network database. 

I am an alumnus, how can I add my profile to be a volunteer?
Log onto SHIP CAREER CONNECTION. To create your profile and be a mentor, you do not need to register or create an account. Click on alumni.  Once in the Mentoring Network, you will need to enter the passcode provided by the University Relations Office to create your profile.  

Who can visit the Mentoring Network website?
Any Shippensburg University student, employee, or alum may visit the site to review Alumni Career Profiles. We actively encourage and contact alumni so be sure to check back to the database on a regular basis. However, this database is to be used for career related exploration and mentoring only and should not be used for any other business purposes. 

How do you make that alumni connection?
Career Profiles may be searched by criteria such as city, state, employer, job type, degree, or activities. You will see a list of names that fit your criteria - simply click on a name to review the individual profile. You may also leave search criteria blank to review all career profiles. Alumni may be contacted by an email link at the bottom of individual career profiles. 

Can you contact more than one alumnus?
Yes, the more alumni that you contact increases the likelihood of making a meaningful connection with the most appropriate person to meet your needs/interests. Start your networking today by making connections with SU Alumni! 

What other services may you utilize?

Students and alumni may post resumes, search for employment positions, and sign up for on-campus interviews through SHIP CAREER CONNECT. Alumni may post positions within their organization and directly to the alumni house for specific SHIP Alumni Career and Employment Services.