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What is Information Technology for Business Education?

The Information Technology for Business Education (ITBE) program at Shippensburg University provides students with strong academic preparation in the fields of business and computer education. Students who desire a teaching certificate have the option of enrolling for one additional semester of student teaching, which will qualify them for a K-12 certification in Business, Computers, and Information Technology in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

What you need to do:

For a Bachelor's degree you need
to complete 129 credit hours in the
following areas:

  • Gen Ed 49 credit hours
  • Business Core 38 credit hours
  • Your Major ITBE 12 credit hours
  • Teacher Certification 30 credit hours

       129 total credit hours

ITBE Course Requirements
PAPA and Praxis Exams
Education Clearances
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What can I do with an ITBE degree?     

  • Teacher
  • Technical Sales Rep.
  • Database Administrator
  • Network Support Administrator
  • Web Master/Developer
  • Consultant
  • Technology Trainer
  • Software Designer
  • Project Manager
  • Help Desk Support
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Most job openings will result from the need to replace the large numbers of teachers who are expected to retire over the 2014-20 period.  Shortages of qualified teachers will likely continue, resulting in competition among some localities, with schools luring teachers from other states and districts with bonuses and higher pay.
  • Renetta F. Heiss Scholarship: This scholarship was established in 1977and provides assistance of $500 to a junior student enrolled in ITBE. This award is based on academic excellence and promise of success in the discipline by the students.  
  • Dr. Max G. Cooley Scholarship: This scholarship was established in 1991 and provides assistance of $750 to a student enrolled in ITBE. Candidates must have a minimum overall grade point average of a 3.0, have junior status ( minimum 60 credit hours completed), recommendation of at least one faculty member within the ITBE Department, and possess good character and citizenship.

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