The Ceddia Union Building (CUB) serves as the University Union & Student Activities Center. The CUB strives to enrich the lives of students, members of the university and surrounding communities through educational opportunities, a variety of services as well as co curricular programming.

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Upcoming Events

Check out our Digital Signage, Facebook (CUBship),  Twitter (@CUBship), and Instagram (@CUBship) for updates on all of our upcoming events.

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Hours Of Operation

Please check out our Hours that are posted on the doors to the CUB. Thank you.

Contact Us 

University Union & Student Activities (CUB)
1871 Old Main Drive
Shippensburg, PA 17257-2299

Office: 717-477-1560
Fax: 717-477-4035 




Shippensburg University Bookstore 

Freshens/ Big Red Snack Shack/ The Galley Food Court 


PSECU eCenter 

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 CUB Reservations 

The Ceddia Union Building (CUB) offers meeting/event spaces to reserve for recognized student groups, individual students and campus departments. For information on what rooms or spaces may best suited for your meeting/event needs, questions or assistance please contact our office at (717) 477 – 1560 to speak with Connie Gruver, Administrative Assistant for the University Union & Student Activities (CUB) and Reservationist.   

All reservations must be requested through the Astra Schedule system:  https://events.ship.edu/.       


Room #          Name                                                             Capacity        Type    

034                 Raider Commons Patio                                  300                 Outdoor Space 

034A               Rader Commons Table A                              N/A                 Info & Fundraising Table      

034B               Raider Commons Table B                             N/A                 Info & Fundraising Table 

034C               Raider Commons Table C                             N/A                 Info & Fundraising Table 

034D               Raider Commons Table D                             N/A                 Info & Fundraising Table 

035                 Ship Deck Amphitheater                               500                  Outdoor Space  

001                 Raider Dining Room                                       500                   Event Space-Dining  

0H1A              General & Limited Enterprise Table A       N/A                 Info & Fundraising Table  

OH1B              General & Limited Enterprise Table B       N/A                 Info & Fundraising Table 

OH1C              General & Limited Enterprise Table C        N/A                 Info & Fundraising Table 

OH1D              General & Limited Enterprise Table D       N/A                 Info & Fundraising Table 

OH1E              General & Limited Enterprise Table E        N/A                 Info & Fundraising Table 

OH1F              General & Limited Enterprise Table F        N/A                 Info & Fundraising Table 

OH1G              General & Limited Enterprise Table G       N/A                 Info & Fundraising Table 

OH1H              General & Limited Enterprise Table H       N/A                 Info & Fundraising Table 

024                 McFeely’s Coffeehouse                                    75                    Event Space – Dining  

100                 Multi-Purpose Room (MPR)*                       1000                Event Space  

*100A-C, AB & BC not available when scheduled & capacities for the MPR are based on lecture style seating  

100A               Multi-Purpose Room A (MPR A)                 250                 Event Space  

100B               Multi-Purpose Room B (MPR B)                 250                 Event Space 

100C               Multi-Purpose Room C (MPR C)                  250                 Event Space 

100AB            Multi-Purpose Room A&B (MPR A&B)     500                 Event Space 

100BC             Multi-Purpose Room B&C (MPR B&C)     500                 Event Space 

103                  Anchor Meeting Room 1                               40                    Meeting Room  

104                  Anchor Meeting Room 2                               40                    Meeting Room  

105                 Anchor Meeting Room 3                                40                    Meeting Room  

123                 Orndorff Theatre (OT)                                    130                 Theatre  

123B               OT Registration Desk                                    N/A                 Registration Desk                                   

0DC1               CUB Display Case 1                                       N/A                 Display Space 

0DC2               CUB Display Case 2                                       N/A                 Display Space  

023                 The Red Zone                                                  150                 Event Space 

119                 Anchor Meeting Room 4                              70                    Meeting Room  

226                 Anchor Meeting Room 5                              60                    Meeting Room  

232                 Anchor Meeting Room 6                              50                    Meeting Room  

238                 Anchor Conference Room 1                        30                    Conference Room   

239                 Anchor Meeting Room 7                              40                    Meeting Room  

240                 Anchor Conference Room 2                        30                    Conference Room     




  • Priority Scheduling
    • Reservations on Thursday, Friday and Saturdays, or for Annual/Special Events Sunday through Saturday are afforded to student groups & departments responsible for providing weekend programming or annual/special events
      • Fall Reservations:  August (after Fall Welcome Week) through December) open campus wide on May 1st 
      • Spring Reservations:  January (after New Student Orientation) through April/May open campus wide after Thanksgiving Break 
      • Summer Reservations:  May through August will be accommodated based on dates for New Student Orientation, Alumni Days and Summer Camps & Conference 
  • Setup Information
    • All setup information for events must be submitted to the CUB no later than FIVE-(5) BUSINESS DAYS prior to the event and any information presented outside of this time frame cannot be guaranteed.  
    • Event walk through required with at least one-(1) representative from the sponsoring group for large/multi space to establish preliminary setup(s), equipment needs/staff, special requests, etc., and these meetings must take place no later than two-(2) weeks prior to the meeting/event  
  • Event & Meeting Titles  
    • Event and meeting titles are required for all reservations, even if the title is not finalized, information can updated closer to event or once this information has been confirmed 
  • Equipment 
    • Sponsoring Groups are allowed to have no more than two-(2) reps in any AV, Sound or Lighting Booth for coordination purposes only and must be accompanied by an employee of the CUB 
    • Only CUB employees are allowed to operate all equipment in any AV, Sound or Lighting Booth except for LCD monitors & projectors setup in meeting/event spaces for customer use  
    • LCD Projectors/Monitors 
      • A sponsoring group representative should arrive at least one-(1) hour prior, but no later than thirty-(30) minutes prior to event/meeting to allow ample time to set up and/or trouble shoot if necessary 
      • Documents & presentations should also be saved to disk or flash drives in case another laptop must be used  
  • Late or Onsite Requests  
    • Small Requests such as small quantity requests for additional tables & chairs and minor equipment (i.e., easel, podium, dry erase, etc.) needs will be accommodated if items/staff are available  
    • Large Requests such as major setup changes for staging, tables, chairs and equipment (AV, sound & lighting) can not be guaranteed based on staffing support required for these types of changes 
  • CUB Furniture & Equipment 
    • Using the CUB furniture & equipment items outside the building is not allowed unless being used for one of the CUB’s outdoor spaces  
  • Decoratin 
    • No taping of any kind is allowed on any CUB surfaces (walls, doors, windows, railings, painted surfaces, etc.) – the CUB will provide sticky putty for these purposes  
    • Hanging of banners, signage, etc., must be coordinated & approved by CUB staff in advance  
  • Storing of Items 
    • Storage of items in the CUB is not allowed due to limited space, however arrangements will be made with sponsoring groups who have multi/all day meetings/events for items to be stored in the spaces reserved. 
    • All items must be removed immediately following meetings/events