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Criminal Justice B.S. Degree


The goal of the criminal justice program is to provide students with the appropriate educational background to support potential careers in the criminal justice system. The four salient features of the criminal justice program are: (1) it is system-oriented rather than agency-oriented; (2) it is a highly interdisciplinary program of study; (3) it is appropriate for pre-service as well as in-service students; and (4) it has a strong commitment to consideration of the moral and ethical issues in criminal justice.


The program comprises a lower and upper division curriculum. Courses with numerical designations below the 300 level (e.g., CRJ221) are lower division courses and are appropriate for freshmen and sophomore students. Courses above the 300 level are upper division courses and are appropriate for juniors and seniors. Students should complete the CRJ Core before enrolling in upper division courses. However, this requirement can be and often is waived when scheduling and student population problems emerge. Students are required to achieve a grade of "C" or above in all CRJ courses.

Academic Advisement

Prospective Criminal Justice students are encouraged to contact the Chair of the Department of Criminal Justice for information and advising. The Chair of the Department of Criminal Justice will be pleased to discuss the program with interested students.  Current Criminal Justice majors should contact their assigned academic advisor for information and advising.

Criminal Justice Undergraduate Program Requirements


Specific Career Choices for Criminal Justice Graduates are:

Law Enforcement 

Property Officer

Public Safety Officer

Patrol Officer

Police Officer

Security & Loss Prevention 

Security Officer

Animal Cruelty Investigator

Security Manager

Director of Campus Security

Library Security

Security Operations Manager

Loss Prevention Manager

Loss Prevention Investigator

Store Investigator

Security Specialist

Area Loss Control Manager


Law and Courts 

Legal Coordinator


Pre-Trial Officer

Juvenile Court Register

Court Deputy



Corrections Officer

Correctional Officer Trainees

Human Services 


Youth Care Workers

Social Work Supervisor

EEO Investigative Case Workers

Case Manager

Domestic Violence Technician

Social Worker


Substance Abuse Therapy 

Program Director

Chemical Dependency Counselor

Substance Abuse Clinician

Substance Abuse Counselor

Drug & Alcohol Counselor

Substance Abuse Therapist

Federal Careers 

Air Traffic Controller

Border Patrol Agent

Civil Rights Analyst

Civil Aviation Security Specialist

Correctional Officer

Customs Inspector

Immigration Inspector

Equal Opportunity Compliance Specialist

Internal Revenue Officer

Equal Employment Opportunity Specialist


Environmental Protection Specialist

Paralegal Specialist

Game Law Enforcement Specialist

Park Ranger

Public Health Quarantine Inspection

Security Specialist

Securities Compliance Examining

Special Agent-Secret Service

Social Insurance Claims Examiner

Tax Auditor/Technician

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms