College of Business
Etiquette Dinner


More than 100 students learned the etiquette of business social and dining situations on Wednesday, November 18. The etiquette event was sponsored by Northwestern Mutual Financial. Northwestern Agency Director and Ship adjunct professor, Lee Fortenberry, told the group that he believes he was hired for his current position partly because he knew the etiquette involved in business dining-and showed his skills in numerous business meals at which he was interviewed. Lynne Breil, president of the Professional Edge, gave the group etiquette tips as they socialized before the meal and then consumed a delicious meal of "hard to manage" foods. Ms. Breil also answered questions from the students. Special thanks to Karen Kelley, secretary, Marketing and Management, and students from the Financial Management Association, Investment Club, the Investment Management program, and the Marketing Professional Association for helping organize the event.

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