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Citation Formatting

Quick Guides by Dr. Cook

Online Citation Tools

These programs allow you to electronically format your sources and create a bibliography that can be downloaded directly into your paper.

Source Aid

SourceAid’s Citation Builder formats your bibliography in MLA, APA, CMS & CSE styles. You can also save your work for later editing or addition.

Citation Machine

Citation Machine generates works cited entries in MLA and APA formats which are able to be copied and pasted into a word document.


We subscribe to this service! RefWorks is a web-based bibliographic software package that enables you to:

  • Organize your research
  • Include citations while you write your paper
  • Build a bibliography in a variety of style formats (MLA, APA, Chicago)
  • Import references from many data sources (Databases, Catalog
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PSY270 - Social Psychology - Dr. Devlen

Librarian - Dr. Cook -


Which of these articles is an example of a RESEARCH STUDY? How can you tell?

Lewis, et al.

Swami, et al.


Characteristics of an Empirical Research Article from a Scholarly Journal
  1. Often the Abstract will say "In this study" then describes 1 or 2 studies done by the author(s)
  2. Abstract discusses data which the authors have collected themselves
  3. Includes a Reference list at the end
  4. Typically includes sections with the titles:
    1. Abstract
    2. Introduction
    3. Method
    4. Participants
    5. Measures and/or Procedures
    6. Results or Findings
    7. Discussion
    8. Reference

  5. Tips for Searching for Empirical Research Studies in Scholarly Journals
  6. Choose "Peer-Reviewed" or "Scholarly" when searching databases
  7. Add the word "Research" or "Study" to your search topic

Tips for Reading a Research Article
  1. Read and Understand the Abstract [This is the author's one paragraph summary of the article]
  2. Read and Understand the Discussion [The Discussion begins with the author summarizing findings.  Then moves on to telling why you should care about this study]
  3. Now start back at the beginning and work through the article.  Think about each section before you go to the next.


Resources from Ship Library

The following can also be accessed from the Library's web page -  

1. Scholarly Psychology Articles - If you don't find full text of the article, choose "Check Availability" to order it via ILLIAD [inter library loan]

PsycINFO  - An index to abstracts of journal articles, books, and reports in psychology and related fields. 

PsycARTICLES  - Includes full-text for 53 Peer-Reviewed psychology journals published by the American Psychological Association and related groups. Most titles go back to 1985 or to the first journal issue; coverage of the remaining titles extends back to the mid-1990s.

Psychological and Behavioral Sciences Collection  - A full-text database to 500+ psychology and behavioral science journals. 80%+ of the items are in full-text; almost all are peer-reviewed, with much coverage back to the 1970s. The 50+ titles included in PsycARTICLES, are not in this collection.

MEDLINE  - EBSCOHost's version of the National Library of Medicine's comprehensive life sciences and biomedical database, with abstracts for 15 million articles in 30,000 journals published worldwide and links to 650,000+ full-text articles


2. BROWSE a specific journal in Social Psychology.  These journals ARE INCLUDED in the above databases.

  • Basic and Applied Social Psychology 

  • European Journal of Social Psychology 

  • Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology 

  • Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 

  • Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 

  • Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology 

  • Journal of Social Psychology 

  • Social Psychology Quarterly 
  • 3. Other Article Resources 

    Academic Search Complete  - Our main, full text database of journal and magazine articles in the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, business and eduation. 50% of the articles are available immediately in electronic form. 

    Other subject databases - You may need to check our other subject databases such as, SportDiscus, SOCIndex, etc. 

    JSTOR  - provides access to an online archive for 700+ full text scholarly journals throughout the arts and sciences. It includes online backfiles which extend from the first issue to within 3-5 years of the current issue

    4. Other Useful Services 

    InterLibraryLoan   ILLiad - Articles not available in our databases can be ordered from ILLiad 

    Journal Title List   a searchable list of all the journals to which Ship subscribes both digitally and in paper

    APA Style - Quick Guide - 2 page printable handout