CFEST  Grants Programs for 2015-2016 are expected to be available by September 1. The first application review deadline is October 1.

Faculty Orientation 

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Grants Administration
Sally Paulson x1274
Paul Taylor x1705

Campus Support
Director: Ashley Seibert x1203, acseibert@ship.edu

New Faculty Mentorship
Director: Lynn Baynum x1102, lfbayn@ship.edu 

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Center for Faculty Excellence in Scholarship and Teaching (CFEST)

The Center for Faculty Excellence in Scholarship and Teaching (CFEST) supports the ongoing development of Shippensburg University faculty as teaching scholars. CFEST supports the following programs:

Grants Administration 

Grants Administration develops competitive grants to support:

  • Faculty Professional Development
  • Faculty Training and Continued Education
  • Faculty Travel
Co-Directors: Sally Paulson (x.1274) and Paul Taylor (x.1705), email CFESTGrants@ship.edu

Campus Support for Teaching and Learning

Campus Support for Teaching and Learning provides efforts for: 

  • Teaching Teams and Conversations on Teaching
  • Teaching Innovation and Pedagogy Spotlight
  • Pedagogy in Practice Newsletter
  • Teaching with Technology
  • Teaching and Learning Resources
Director: Ashley Seibert (x.1203), email: acseibert@ship.edu

New Faculty Mentorship

New Faculty Mentorship provides a variety of programs and resources, which include:

  • New Faculty Orientation 
  • New Faculty Exchanges 
  • Tenure Track Faculty Mentorship in Teaching, Scholarship and Service (The Role of the Teaching Mentor, The Role of the Scholarship Mentor, The Role of the Service Mentor, The Role of the Mentee)  
  • One-Year Temporary and Adjunct Faculty Mentorship in Teaching 
  • Teaching, Scholarship, and Service Resources 
Director: Lynn Baynum (x.1102), email: lfbayn@ship.edu