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2014-15 Fulbright Scholar

Congratulations Dr. Kurt Kraus!

Dr. Kurt Kraus, Professor and Chair in the Department of Counseling and College Student Personnel at Shippensburg University, has been awarded a 2014-15 Fulbright U.S. Scholar grant to the Kingdom of Bhutan.

While in Bhutan, Dr. Kraus will support the development of counseling to serve the complex mental health and public health needs of the Kingdom of Bhutan . He will teach at the Royal University of Bhutan and consult with the Royal Ministries of Education and Health.

New Program Approved!

The PreK–4/Special Education Dual Certification Program has been approved for the Fall 2014 semester!  


Students may check the course listings in the myShip portal for the most up-to-date listing of available courses. 

UG FALL Scheduling dates:           

March 31 – April 21

Clean-Up – April 28-May 9

UG SUMMER Scheduling dates:

Term III – March 31 – May 12 (Drop)/May 13 (Add)

Term IV – March 31 – June 3 (Drop)/June 4 (Add)

Term V – March 31 – July 8 (Drop)/July 9 (Add)

G FALL Scheduling dates:   

March 24 – Aug 30 (Drop)/Aug 31 (Add)

G SUMMER Scheduling dates:

Term III – March 24 – May 12 (Drop)/May 13 (Add)

Term IV – March 24 – June 3 (Drop)/June 4 (Add)

Term V – March 24 – July 8 (Drop)/July 9 (Add)

  • May 2:  Day and Evening Classes End
  • May 5-9:  Final Exams
  • May 9:  Graduate Commencement Ceremony
  • May 10:  Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony
  • May 15:  Grades DUE on line at 3:00 p.m.
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College of Education and Human Services
Shippensburg University
Shippen Hall (SPH)
Shippensburg, Pennsylvania 17257

Dean's Office (SPH 352) 
Administrative Assistant email:

Associate Dean's Office and Student Resources (SPH 356)

Administrative Assistant email:

Office of Field Experiences and Partnerships (Shippen Hall 354)
Administrative Assistant email:

Fax 717-477-4012 
General Email address:  

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Frequently Asked QuestionsRandom Campus Images

 Program Progress 

  • How do I know if I am on track toward graduation?  
    • You should consult your academic advisor. Print out your academic record and your program checklist (see "Academics" and then "Resources" on the Ship website for the Academic Planning Guide, which contains all the major advising guides).
  • Do you have a form to help me?  
    • Yes, see "Student Resources" (to the left" and then "Student Undergraduate Graduation Check."   

Withdrawal from a Class

  • How do I withdraw from a class?  
    • You can withdraw from a class online through the mySHIP.  If you are a first-year student, and want to withdraw from a required class, or if withdrawing would take you below 12 credits, you will not be able to withdraw online.  See the dean's office.  
    • Also, you MAY NOT withdraw from a class after the deadline (see the Registrar's page for current semester information and important deadlines).
    • If you have a valid medical reason to withdraw after the deadline, you must contact the dean's office and have documentation from a licensed professional.  The withdrawal must be for ALL CLASSES, and the request and documentation must come BEFORE CLASSES end for the current semester.  No retroactive withdrawals can be honored once classes are over.
    • To withdraw from a Summer Course, please visit the Extended Studies website ( for more information or to obtain the Withdrawal from Class Form. 

Withdrawal from the University

  • How do I withdraw from the University?  
    • To withdraw from the University, students must come to the office of the College of Education and Human Services (Shippen Hall, Room 356, 3rd floor) to complete the necessary paperwork.  A withdrawal from college/leave of absence request form is located on the College of Education and Human Services website under the Student Forms and Information page.

Leave of Absence/Absence from Class

  • What is the difference between a Leave of Absence and an Absence from Class?
    • Leave of Absence is taking a semester off, up to a year. Absence from Class is an absence if you are sick or going to miss a couple days.
  • How do I take a Leave of Absence?
    • (See Withdrawal from the University, above)
  • What do I do if I must be absent for more than a class or two?  
    • Contact the College of Education and Human Services at 717-477-1141 if you must be absent from all of your classes or for an extended period.  Provide appropriate documentation to our office.  We will notify faculty (Students should notify faculty members as a courtesy via email or a phone call).  It is still your responsibilty to work with faculty to make up allowed work.  See the faculty member's syllabus for attendance policies.  
    • Each Instructor shall state the course requirements including attendance expectations as a part of the clearly written course information distributed at the beginning of each semester.  An instructor must make provision for excused absences.  However, if you elect to be absent from a class without being excused, you must be prepared to accept an evaluation for any graded activity, consistent with course requirements, which takes place at that session.  You will be held responsible for all material covered in classes.  Only when an absence has been approved by the instruction, preferalby in advance, will the instructor be expected to provide a makeup opportunity.  Except under the most unusual circumstances, you are not permitted to make up a scheduled examination that has been missed.

Change of Major and/or Minor

  • How do I declare or change a Major or Minor?  
    • For more information on how to declare a major or minor, please visit the Registrar's Page to print a change of major/minor form. Note: You must obtain the signatures of the major and minor department before submission to the Dean's Office (SPH356). 

Satisfactory-Unsatisfactory (Pass/Fail) Option

  • What is the Satisfactory-Unsatisfactory (Pass/Fail) Option?
    • The grades S and U are used for courses which are taken under the satisfactory-unsatisfactory option.  If you have completed at least one academic year (30 semester hours) at Shippensburg University and are maintaining a cumulative QPA  of 2.5 or better, you may schedule up to a maximum of three credits (or one four credit course) per semester under the satisfactory-unsatisfactory option.

      Under this option, grades from satisfactory-unsatisfactory courses will not be used in determining the cumulative grade point average.

      If you receive grades of "C" or better, an "S" will be recorded on your transcript and credits will be counted toward graduation.  However, grades of "D" or "F" will result in a "U" and no credit will be given.

      Courses required by your major or minor may not be taken under this option.

      You may not schedule the five required general education courses under this option (ENG 101/106, HCS 100, HIS 105, or HIS 106). 

  • When is the deadline for choosing the Satisfactory-Unsatisfactory (Pass/Fail) Option?  
    • You may adopt or rescind the satisfactory-unsatisfactory option during the first two weeks of the regular fall or spring semester (14 calendar days).  No changes will be made after this deadline.  Only full-time students are eligible.  You must visit the Registrar's Office to request this option. 
    • The maximum number of credits you may schedule under the satisfactory-unsatisfactory option while attending Shippensburg University will not exceed ten.  

Transfer Courses: