Graduate Course Description

Teacher Education (TCH) Graduate Course Description. 

Adapted from Graduate Catalog 2010-2012 [PDF 1286KB]


TCH423 Integrating Literature in Middle Grades (3 crs.)
Focuses on broadening knowledge base and understanding of children’s/young adults’ literature available for use with students in content area study. Literature discussed with exploration of incorporating it into middle level content subjects and using it as a tool to enhance literacy and content learning.

TCH440 Gender Equity in Education (3 crs.)
Surveys role of women in educational systems, focusing on women as students, teachers, and administrators. Examines how traditional expectations of women are perpetuated throughout the educational system.

TCH445 Strategies for Effective Classroom Management (3 crs.)
Presents historical perspective of past practices in classroom management strategies, including discipline techniques. Relates current school law to what is legal for teachers in managing classrooms. Surveys current theories and programs regarding classroom and time management strategies. Provides practical suggestions based upon research findings as to how to more effectively and efficiently develop a proactive environment conducive to instruction. Explores multicultural settings and inclusion dynamics as they relate to classroom management strategies.

TCH490 Selected Topics (1-3 crs.) 

TCH501 Effective Teaching: Theory and Practice (3 crs.)
Emphasis on assisting teachers to understand and utilize the research and data-based principles of effective teaching. Included are planning and management techniques which enable effective teachers to make efficient use of class time while preventing discipline problems. Theories and practical applications of various discipline models, creative teaching techniques, and self-assessment devices presented.

TCH502 Strategies for Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving (3 crs.)
Offers both a research base and real-world classroom applications for infusing critical thinking and problem-solving into all levels of curricular areas. Encourages participants to create learning environments fostering intellectual curiosity and inventiveness. Explores strategies that challenge students to pose problems and search for ways to solve them. Incorporates performance-based assessment.

TCH505 Instructional Technology for Today’s Educator (3 crs.)
Students develop skills in using current technologies to support instruction in a variety of settings. Multimedia software, web page development, and distance learning design and implementation are required. Students examine various aspects of interactive and noninteractive technologies and make instructional applications. Evaluating appropriate hardware and software configurations for delivering instruction is included. Students will use technology to research and develop real life classroom curricular solutions.

TCH511 Elementary School Curriculum and Assessment (3 crs.)
Surveys existing elementary school programs and research to determine and evaluate curricular models and assessment issues. Investigates such areas as purposes of education, curricular content, scope and sequence, classroom climate, standards, and program evaluation.

TCH524 Middle School Curriculum and Assessment (3 crs.)
Surveys basic characteristics of middle school organizational patterns, curriculum design, and evaluation models. Evaluates student development, instructional strategies, and assessment issues. Reviews these areas based on current research.

TCH542 Modern Elementary School Mathematics: Its Content and Method (3 crs.)
Deals with the structure of mathematics: reasoning, sets, numeration systems, operations and their properties and number sentences (equalities and inequalities). Discovery learning of the mathematics is emphasized. Prerequisite: undergraduate course in teaching of mathematics or permission of the instructor.

TCH543 Diagnostic Techniques in Teaching Mathematics in the Elementary School (3 crs.)
Designed to help the classroom teacher develop skills in diagnostic teaching of elementary school mathematics. Various learning theories and their implications for mathematics development discussed. A case study interpreting data from standardized and informal tests and applying this diagnostic information to remediation activities required. Prerequisite: undergraduate course in teaching of mathematics or permission of the instructor.

TCH545 Earth Science for Elementary Teachers (3 crs.)
Comprehensive study of the earth, including its origin, structure, rocks, soils and minerals, land forms, water, weather and climate in relation to the solar system. The interrelationships between the earth and its peoples are emphasized. The special needs of the elementary teacher are considered.

TCH546 Teaching Science in the Elementary School (3 crs.)
Explores a variety of strategies and techniques for effective N-8 science teaching. An understanding of related science principles is interwoven with practical applications for the classroom. Science curriculum construction and analysis is an emphasis. Science, technological, and societal connections are considered. Prerequisite: undergraduate course in elementary science methods or permission of the instructor.

 TCH560 Making Social Studies Dynamic (3 crs.)
Eliminates the “bore” and “gore” from social studies by studying the impact of dynamic forces on the technological age of information. Explores the arena for modern media literacy. Examines social forces, controversial issues, current events, cooperative learning, conflict resolution, and pragmatic research findings about the social studies. Investigates how to make the classroom teacher’s social studies more relevant and meaningful. Prerequisite: undergraduate course in teaching of social studies or permission of the instructor.

TCH575 Advanced Child Development (3 crs.)
Stresses the results of scientific studies which are used to examine cognitive, physical, and social processes in child development from birth to pre-adolescence with an emphasis placed on the early years. Influence of child’s environment, home, and school explored.

TCH594 Selected Topics (1-3 crs.) 

TCH599 Independent Study (3 crs.) 

TCH600 Elements of Research (3 crs.) 

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