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Contact Information

Department of Teacher Education
College of Education & Human Services

Shippen Hall 214
Shippensburg University
1871 Old Main Drive
Shippensburg, PA  17257

Phone: 717-477-1688
Fax: 717-477-4046

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Faculty and Staff 

 Dr. Julie Bao 

SPH 223
Julie Bao


Ph.D. University Name University of Nebraska - Lincoln

TCH 347 Social Studies in the Elementary School
TCH 495 Student Teaching Supervision
TCH 600 Elements of Research


 Dr. Lynn Baynum 

SPH 209
Lynn Baynum
Associate Professor


Education:  Ph.D. Marywood University, Instructional Leadership in Human Development 
M.S. University of Scranton, Reading Specialist Certification  
B.S. East Stroudsburg University, Early Childhood and Elementary Education Certification with a minors in Reading and American History

RDG 323 Processes of Word/Text/Comprehension in
Grades 1-4
RDG 363 Reading and Writing in Grades PK-4  
RDG 422 Studies in Children's Literature  
RDG 423 Integrating Literature in the Middle Grades  
RDG 528 Foundations of Literacy Development  

Research Interests 
Children’s literature as mentor texts to teach reading and writing
Teacher prompts as a means of explicit instruction
Technology and literacy through virtual vacation experiences
Undergraduate student research initiatives


Dr. Janet Bufalino

SPH 203

Janet Bufalino
Associate Professor

Ed.D. Indiana University of Pennsylvania - Reading/Language Arts
M.S. Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, Master's of Reading

Assessment (undergraduate and graduate)
Tutoring (undergraduate and graduate)
Developmental Reading
Developmental Reading

Research Director of 1.8 million dollar Reading Recovery i3 grant
Research Director of 6 million dollar  PDE Reading Recovery Initiative

 Dr. Chrisman

SPH 237
Kent Chrisman

Ed.D. University of Louisville, Educational Supervision
M.S. Peabody College for Teachers, Early Childhood Education
B.S. Hendrix College, Psychology

Families, Schools and Communities
Cognitive and Language Development
Leadership in Early Childhood Education
Language, Literacy and Play

Research Interests
Advocacy and public policy, children's thinking about science, math and social topics


Dr. Durham

SPH 201

Gwendolyn V. Durham
Assistant Professor

Ed.D. Duquesne University - Educational Leadership
M.S. Shippensburg University - Counseling Education
B.S. Shippensburg University - Elementary Education

TCH 050 Developmental Reading and Study Skills
TCH 205 American School
TCH 255 Multicultural Issues
TCH 260 Educational Psychology
TCH 445 Effective Classroom Management
TCH 495 Student Teaching Professional Practicum
TCH 511 Curriculum and Instruction

Research Interests
Multicultural Education/Diversity, Minority Retention in Higher Education,
Strategies to increase Minorities in the Teacher Education Program, Bullying,
Developmental Reading in Higher Education, and Effective Classroom Management Models

Christopher Keys
Assistant Professor

Teaching Reading to English Language Learners
Developmental Reading
Tutoring Secondary Students

Research Interests
Bilingual literacy, secondary literacy, technology, teacher development, design research


 Dr. Han Liu

SPH 227 
717-- 477--1293 


Han Liu
Assistant Professor


Ph.D. Old Dominion University - Curriculum and Instruction, Educational Technology
M.S. Old Dominion University -Secondary Education

ECH 333 Social Studies Methods in P-4
TCH 345 Assessment and Evaluation Strategies
TCH 347 Social Studies Methods in Elementary School
ECH 415 Professional Practicum, P-4
EDU 420 Computers in the Classroom
EDU 495 Student Teaching & Professional Practicum
TCH 490 Open Educational Resources (OERs) and Free Online Instructional Tools
TCH 491 Advanced Smartboard Technology Application in the Internet Environment
TCH 501 Efective Teaching: Theory and Practice
TCH 505 Instructional Technology for Today’s Educator
TCH 600 Elements of Research

Research Interests
Global Citizenship Education 
Instructional Technology
Open Source and Online Learning
Learning Efficiency

Dr. Andrea Malmont

SPH 219
Office: 717-477-1724
Cell: 717--360- 4997 

Andrea Malmont
Assistant Professor

Ed. D. Duquesne University
M.S. University of Great Falls
B.S. University of Great Falls

TCH 346 Teaching Science in the Elementary School 
TCH 205 American School 
TCH 321 Language and Reading in the Elementary School 
RGD 050 Developmental Reading and Study Skills 
TCH 250 Elements of Instruction 
TCH 206 Social Foundations in Middle Level Education 
TCH 260 Educational Psychology 
TCH 600 Elements of Research 
TCH 511 Elementary Curriculum and Assessment 
TCH 524 Middle School Curriculum and Assessment 
TCH 502 Strategies for Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving 
TCH 490 Selected Topics in Education- Newspaper in Education 
TCH 490 Selected Topics in Education- Best Practices: A Focus on Learning 
EDU 495 Student Teaching Professional Practice 
ECH 373 Science and Technology Methods Prek-4 
TCH 609 Action Research and Internship 

Dr. Janice Minetola

SPH 213
717-- 477--1345 
Janice R. Minetola
Associate Professor

Ed.D. Binghamton University of New York 
M.S. Mansfield University, Elementary Education with a Reading Specialist Certification
B. S. Mansfield University, Elementary Education with a minor in Early Childhood Education

TCH 205 The American Schools
ECH 343 Mathematics Methods I for PreK-First Grade
ECH 423 Mathematics Methods II for Second-Fourth Grades


Dr. Nelson

SPH 217

Lauren Nelson
Assistant Professor

Ed.D. Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Professional Studies Curriculum and Instruction

ECH 320 The Developing Child III: Social and Emotional Development & Guiding Children’s Behavior
ECH 370 Assessing Young Children
ECH 489 Student Teaching Supervision
TCH 501 Strategies for Effective Teaching
ECH 563 Leadership in Early Childhood
ECH 577 Curriculum and Assessment in Early Childhood Education


Eucabeth Odhiambo

SPH 231


Eucabeth Odhiambo

Associate Professor

Ed.D. Tennessee State University – Curriculum and Instruction
M.Ed. Tennessee State University – Curriculum and Instruction
B.A. University of Eastern Africa – Secondary Education

ECH 220 The Developing Child I:  Physical, Motor, Health & Well-being
TCH 250 Elements of Instruction  
TCH 260 Educational Psychology 
TCH 255 Multicultural Issues & Strategies in Basic Education  
ECH 333 Social Studies in the Elementary School
EDU 495 Student Teaching Supervision
TCH 501 Effective Teaching: Theory and Practice 
TCH 609 Action Research Seminar 


Rebecca Overholt
Assistant Professor

Ed. D. Rutgers University Educational Administration and Supervision
M.S. Rutgers University Educational Administration and  Supervision
M.A. Purdue University Curriculum and Instruction
BS Ed. Cedarville University Elementary Education

TCH 206 Social Foundations of Middle Level Education
TCH 261 Adolescent Development and Learning Theory
TCH 524 Middle Level Curriculum and Instruction
TCH 495 Supervision of Student Teachers

Research Interests
Content Knowledge for Leadership
Reading in Developing Countries
Hiring practices of middle level schools
University Lab schools and curriculum innovation 

Dr. Annie Papero
717--477- 1579 
Annie Papero
Assistant Professor

Ph.D. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Child Development 
B.A. Grinnell College, Biology and Elementary Education 

ECH 210  The Early Childhood Profession 
ECH 253  Developmentally Appropriate Practice for Children and Families:  Birth to Age 5 
ECH 415  Professional Practicum 
TCH 575  Advanced Child Development 
ECH 490  Diversity in Early Childhood Education 
ECH 489 Student Teaching Supervision

Research Interests  
Poverty and Early Intervention, Birth to 5 
The role of relationships in early childhood education 
Developmentally Appropriate Practices in the early and primary grades 
Preparation of pre-service teachers for diverse classroom communities 


Dr. Mary L. Plaxton

SPH 211
717--477- 1110 

Mary L. Paxton
Assistant Professor

Ed.D.  Widener University
M.Ed. Shippensburg University, Reading, with Certification as Reading Specialist, Reading Supervisor and K-12 Principal
B.S. Shippensburg State College, Elementary Education with Certification in Early Childhood

TCH 321  Teaching of Reading and Language Arts in the Elementary Classroom – 3 sections
RDG 535  Seminar in Literacy, Language, and Reading

Research Interests
Mentoring the Beginning Teacher
Reading Comprehension and Schema
How the Brain Processes Text
The Purposeful Use of Prompting During Instruction
Pedagogical Practices that Support Student Engagement


SPH 207

Don K. Philpot
Assistant Professor

Ph.D. University of British Columbia
M.A. University of British Columbia
B.Ed University of Manitoba
B.A. University of Manitoba

TCH 303 Books and Materials
TCH 322 Teaching Middle Level Language Arts 
RDG 413 Teaching Reading to English Language Learners 
RDG 529 Reading and Reasoning Beyond the Primary Years
TCH 495 Student Teacher Practicum 

Research Interests
Reading instruction frameworks 
Teaching reading with trade books
Formal writing genre instruction 
Comprehension processes and scaffolding 
Content area discourse 

Dr. Jennifer L. Pyles

Shippen Hall 323 
Jennifer L. Pyles
Assistant Professor

Ph.D.  The Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) Curriculum and Instruction, Early Childhood Education
M. Ed. Shippensburg University, Curriculum and Instruction, Early Childhood Education
B.S. James Madison University, Early Childhood Education

ECH 453 Integrated Curriculum
ECH 415 Professional Practicum
ECH 480 Professional Seminar

 Dr. Christine Anne Royce

Christine Anne Royce
Chair of Department of Teacher Education


Ed.D. Temple University - Curriculum, Instruction & Technology Education - Science Education
M.S.  University of Scranton, Administration and Supervision
M.A.  Delaware State University, Curriculum & Instruction 
BSEd. Cabrini College, Elementary Education

TCH 366 Teaching Science in the Middle Level Classroom
TCH 206 Social Foundations of Middle Level Education
TCH 261 Adolescent Development and Learning Theory
TCH 600 Elements of Research (Summer)
TCH 511 Elementary Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment (Summer)
TCH 546 Teaching Science in the Elementary School - Graduate Level Classroom

Research Interests
Integrating science and reading instruction through the use of children's trade books
Student's conceptual understanding of science content and where they perceive they developed those concepts
Strategies and instructional methods for astronomy education


Konnie Serr
 Konnie Serr
Assistant Professor

Dr. Cheryl Ann Slattery

SPH 205
Cheryl Ann Slattery
Associate Professor

Ed.D. Widener University - Reading and English Language Arts
M.Ed.  Kutztown University - Reading with Reading Specialist Certification K-12
PA Elementary Education K-6 Certification, Reading Concentration
B.S. St. Joseph’s University - Psychology

Teaching Reading to the English Language Learner
Seminar in Literacy Tutoring
Laboratory Practicum in Reading
Advanced Diagnosis and Assessment in Reading
Reading in the Content Areas
Student Teaching Supervision

Dr. Rebecca Ward

SPH 225


Rebecca Ward
Associate Professor
Interim Director, Women’s and Gender Studies

Ph.D. Human Development, Oregon State University
M.S. Family and Consumer Economics, University of Nevada-Reno
B.S. Child and Family Studies, University of Nevada-Reno

ECH 220 The Developing Child 1:  Physical, Motor, Health and Well-Being
ECH 510 Inclusion in Early Childhood Education
ECH 564 The Business of Child Care
ECH 565 Health & Safety Practices in Early Childhood Education
ECH 540 Families and Early Childhood Education 
TCH 575 Advanced Child Development
TCH 600 Research
WST100 Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies
WST300 Seminar in Women’s and Gender Studies

Research Interests
Outcomes Measurement and Program Evaluation
Relational Resilience
Children and Families in Poverty
Reproductive Health and Sexuality Education

Dr. Robert Ziegenfuss

SPH 201

Robert G. Ziegenfuss
Assistant Professor

Ph.D. University of Maryland - School Finance
B.S. Pennsylvania State University - Elementary Education
Certificate:  Principal and supervisor K-8 (MD): Teacher K-8 (MD); Teacher K-6 (PA)

Professional Seminar-Mathematics Methods K-6
Supervision of Student Teachers
Education Psychology
American School
Elements of Instruction
Adolescent Development and Learning Theory
Teaching Middle Level Mathematics
Student Teaching and Professional Practicum

Research Interests
Hiring Practices of Middle Level Principals
Mathematics Computer software
Extending the School Year for K-12 Students

 Dr. James T. Zullinger

717-- 477-1363 
James T. Zullinger

Ed.D. Penn State
M.S. Shippensburg University
B.S. Virginia Wesleyan College, Old Dominion University

Kindergarten at GBLUES
Early Childhood Summer Courses




Department Secretary

Brandy Linn
SPH 214
Department Secretary

Becky Fulton
SPH 214