GEC Membership 2015-2016

The membership of the GEC includes representatives from each academic department from each of the three colleges on campus.  Click here to view a copy of the GEC bylaws.

Accounting, MIS, & IT for Bus. Education                 

Brian Wentz                      

Irma Hunt (alt)

Art and Design                  

Mark Moilanen (Secretary of the Budget Committee)                 

William Whiteley (alt)


Sherri Bergsten (Chair of the Program Committee)                           

Todd Hurd (alt)


Allison Predecki  (Chair of the EYE Committee)                               

Curt Zaleski (alt)

Communications / Journalism             

Carrie Sipes

Michael Drager (alt)                       

Computer Science            

Dudley Girard (Chair of the Assessment Committee)

Alice Armstrong (alt)

Criminal Justice                

Michele Bratina                       

Stephanie Jirard (alt)


David Kalist

Brendan Finucane (alt)                       

Education Leadership & Special Education

David Bateman

Thomas Gibbon (alt)


Laurie Cella                        

Erica Galioto / Shannon Mortimer-Smith  (alt)

Exercise Science               

Ben Meyer  (Chair of the Budget Committee)                     

Sally Paulson (alt)

Finance and Supply Chain Management                    

Fan Liu                            

Jume Pham (alt)

Geography / Earth Science                   

Scott Drzyzga (GEC faculty co-chair)                   

Alison Feeney (alt)

History / Philosophy                   

Doug Birsch                 

Mark Spicka (alt) (Secretary of the EYE Committee)

Human Communication Studies                      

Misty Knight  

Matthew Ramsey (alt)

Managing and Marketing                       

Shelley Morrisette                         

Joseph Beck (alt)


James Hamblin (Secretary of the GEC)

Lance Bryant (alt)

Modern Languages                      

Marcela Pineda-Volk                       

Blandine Mitaut (alt)

Music and Theater Arts              

Margaret Lucia                 

Paris Peet (alt)


Kathryn Shirk                   

Brad Armen (alt)

Political Science                

Cynthia Botteron

Michael Greenberg (alt)                          


Corrine Bertram                            

Sue Morin (alt)

Sociology / Anthropology                     

Karl Lorenz (Secretary of the Program Committee)

Alice James (alt)

Social Work & Gerontology             

Jen Clements                    

Sam Benbow (alt)

Teacher Education                       

Han Liu                 

Chris Keyes (alt)

Student Representatives            

Rebekah Ebel

Kaitlin Sypniewski

Department of Academic Services                  

Beverly Wallace (Secretary of the Assessment Committee; GEC representative to the UCC)                  

Chad Bennett (alt)

APSCUF Representative             

Gerald Fowler                        


Kirk Moll                             

Dean of Arts and Sciences                     

Jim Mike (GEC administration co-chair)                              

Dean of College of Business                  

John Kooti or his designee                           

Dean of College of Education and Human Services                       

James Johnson or his disignee                 

Dean of Academic Programs and Services                   

Sarah Stokely                    


Latest Updates 


New MSCHE standards for accreditation that become effective during the 2017-18 academic year or later.

GenEd grant application forms (doc or pdf).

Upcoming meeting dates

Thu. Apr. 21, 2016