Early Childhood Education - PK-4 certification 


Effective April 2, 2012, Praxis tests are no longer valid for this certification area.  If you passed all of the Early Childhood Praxis tests required before April 2, 2012, they will count for your certification and you do not have to take the new tests. 

All Early Childhood Education (PK-4) certification applicants must pass the PAPA listed on the previous page if the Praxis I - PPST was not passed before April 2, 2012. 

The new content test for Early Childhood (PK-4) certification is the PreK-4 Test that is part of the new Pennsylvania Educator Certification Test (PECT) series offered by Pearson Evaluation Systems.  Additional information about the PreK-4 test and registration for the PreK-4 test is available at  http://www.pa.nesinc.com/ 

The PECT - PreK-4 test is currently available only by appointment at Pearson Professional Centers.  A list of all current centers is available at the PECT website listed above.  The two listed centers closest to Shippensburg University are: 


Pearson Professional Center, 801 East Park Drive, Harrisburg, PA   717-564-6755 

Pearson Professional Center, 205 Granite Run Drive, Lancaster, PA   717-569-0056 


Remember that all test scores must be reported to Shippensburg University.