General Education Selected Topics ("190") Courses

General Education selected topics courses were approved by UCC in 2007 (UCC control # 07-78).  From the approved proposal:

General Education selected topics courses are designed to provide some flexibility and creativity within the General Education curriculum.  Each department that offers General Education "Category" courses may choose to include some of these courses (BIO 190, for example) in its course descriptions.

Departments and programs wanting to submit a 190-type General Education course proposal are strongly encouraged to consult the GEO190: Globalization in the Caribbean (2012) proposal, which the GEC has recognized as a model proposal and which can be accessed by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page (that link is titled click here to see an example of a successful General Education selected topics proposal). Contact the GEC faculty co-chair if you have any questions.

To have a 190-type proposal reviewed by the GEC during a a given (desired) month, it must be complete and submitted electronically to the faculty co-chair of GEC at least 21 calendar days prior to the regularly scheduled GEC meeting of that month.  Any proposal submitted later will be held for consideration during the following month.

If you are interested in running a selected topics General Education course, here's what you need to do:


  1. Get departmental/chair approval.  Make sure that your department approves the proposed course and that your chairperson is aware that your department may need to adjust its other General Education offerings accordingly for that semester.
  2. Notify the GEC faculty co-chair of your intent to offer the course and submit the proposal electronically to the faculty co-chair of the GEC.  The GEC will examine the proposal and ensure that the proposed course meets the established learning objectives for the appropriate General Education category.  The GEC may also request that the course include assessment to ensure that the course meets these objectives.  The GEC Program Committee will conduct its normal review of each proposal during its monthly meeting, then offer its recommendation at the following GEC meeting.  A proposal that is found to be incomplete or to contain substantial errors will be identified as such when the Program Committee issues it recommendation to the GEC.  Also, a proposal that does not explicitly address how the proposed course will accomplish multiple learning objectives will be identified as such when the Program Committee isssues it recommendation to the GEC.
  3. (optional) Attend the GEC meeting where your proposal will be considered.  You may want to make yourself available for questions at this meeting.  Also, GEC may refer your proposal to UCC if there is significant concern about the appropriateness of the course as it relates to General Education.

Additional Information

Consider the following:

  • Any General Education special topics course can be offered a maximum of three (3) times.  If the department wishes to continue offering the course, it must permanently create the course through the normal UCC process.  
  • Departments that have offerings in multiple categories (for example, GEO) may choose which category the selected topics course will belong to.  The proposal should indicate how the course will meet the objectives of the chosen category.
Click here to see an example of a successful General Education selected topics proposal.  Contact the GEC faculty co-chair if you have any questions.

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