As of March 25, 2013



To provide an equal opportunity for Shippensburg University Student Groups (recognized by the Student Senate or University Departments/Offices) to apply and be allocated a workstation or locker for student group use by officers and members. This document outlines all policies and the procedures for applying as well as the guidelines for continued use.


1. Decorating Workstation or Lockers:

a. Do not cover labels or numbered plates located on the workstation furniture or locker.

b. Do not post items that may be offensive or degrading to any member of the University or local community. This will not be tolerated; any group who does not follow this rule could result in the loss of your Workstation or Locker.

i. Any materials (posters/fliers, pictures, postcards, etc.) that violate SU or University Union & Student

Activities (CUB) policies and procedures will be removed and discarded. If you are unsure about what

materials are acceptable, please review these with Marsha Bonn, Associate Director for University Union Operations.

ii. There is to be no reference of drugs or alcohol.

c. Do not tape any items to any workstation furniture or locker surfaces.

d. Student Groups can only post materials and other decorations in their assigned Workstation fabric board and not on any furniture surface.

2. Student Group Workstation Conference Tables & Chairs (CUB 219) - This space can be used by Student Groups on a first-come, first-served basis for informal meetings, but this is not a private or reservable space. You must be considerate of the other Student Groups who may be in the area at their designated Workstation.

3. Damages – Any damages to Student Group Workstations or Lockers will be billed to the specific Student Group assigned to that space, when these damages are a direct result of the members of the group.

4. Always maintain a positive environment and a professional and friendly atmosphere. Please do your best to meet these expectations.

5. Access, Keys & Locks

a. All Student Groups that are assigned a Workstation or Locker must provide a list of officers/members/advisors with names, emails & phone numbers to the CUB Information Desk for these individuals to check out the key(s) for access to your space. A valid ID will be required when checking out the key and any additions or changes to the list will require a new copy to be submitted.

b. A $50.00 fee must be paid in advance for lost/damaged locks or keys, before new ones are issued.

c. It is the responsibility of the Student Group members to make sure Workstation & Lockers are secured at all times and report any issues to the CUB Information Desk. The CUB is not responsible for the damage or loss of items.

d. The CUB reserves the right to access Workstations or Lockers at its sole discretion if there is a suspected security risk or there is an environmental concern such as pest control or odors, etc.

e. The CUB is not responsible for any items stored in Workstation or Lockers.

f. Personal locks may not be used on any Workstation or Locker.



6. Workstations & Lockers are not automatically assigned each year and if a Student Group fails to submit the required report by the last day of classes each Spring semester the group’s privileges may be revoked.

7. All University policies outlined in the Swataney must be followed at all times.

8. Student Groups, which are not actively functioning at the university during any part of the school year, may have their Workstation or Locker privileges revoked.

9. Decisions for assigning Workstations & Lockers will be the responsibility of the University Union & Student Activities (CUB) department and will be reviewed with the Student Senate CUB Committee.


All Student Groups with a workstation or locker must submit no more than a two-(2) page report by the last day of classes each Spring semester to Marsha Bonn, Associate Director for University Union Operations, with the following information:

a. What accomplishments did your group achieve for the school year (end of August through May)?

b. Please list all of the events and activities your group hosted throughout the school year (attached a separate sheet of paper if necessary).

c. Please explain how your group benefited from having a workstation or locker?

d. Is their any additional information you would like to highlight about your group?


Student Groups that are requesting or re-applying for a Workstation or Locker must be a Student Group recognized by the Student Senate or University Departments/Offices. Upon requesting or re-applying, the following must be demonstrated within the application (all applications must be typed with the following information/questions listed below and emailed to Marsha Bonn, Associate Director for University Union Operations,

• Applications Due on Friday, April 19, 2013 by 11:59 PM

• Workstations & Lockers will be assigned by no later than the close of business on Friday, May 10, 2013 for the 2013 – 14

School Year.




                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         DATE YOU ARE SUBMITTING (Month, Day & Year)


1. Official name of the Student Group (Please indicate whether you are recognized by the Student Senate or the name of the

University Department/Office (this information will be verified).

2. Name, email and phone number of person submitting application.

3. Advisor’s name, Department/Office, email and phone number.

4. Number of members active in your Student Group (a list of names & emails may be requested for verification).

5. List if your group has any other office, workstation or storage space on/off campus, if none please indicate.

6. A statement (mission or purpose statements from a constitution may be used) describing your Student Group.

7. Please provide answers/information for the following questions or statements

a. Why is your group requesting a workstation or locker and what are the intended uses (Storage only is not an acceptable use for Workstations or Lockers)?

b. Provide a statement that explains how having a workstation or locker will enhance your Student Group and its ability to contribute to the quality of student life on campus.

c. How often does your group hold meetings (general, officers/exec board, committee, etc.) each semester?

8. Include the following statement:

a. I have reviewed the policies & procedures and requirements for maintaining workstations and lockers and by typing this statement I understand that my group will adhere and comply with all of the established policies & procedures. As the person submitting this application, it is my responsibility to share this information with all officers, members and advisors.

Student Group Workstations and Locker