let's talk about general education

The Program Committee (PC) of the General Education Council (GEC) is responsible for developing a new liberal education program for the GEC to consider.  Ideally, a new Core Program at Shippensburg University will begin in August 2015, when several new PASSHE BOG policies that change definitions pertaining to degree and liberal education programs will take effect. Documents that informed the development process are linked below.

GEC Approved Reform Process and Timeline

General Education History and Timeline, abridged

GEC PC New Core Program FAQ

GEC PC New Core Program Framework

GECC Assessment Subcommittee Report 2010

GECC GenEd Faculty Survey and Comments Summary 2008

Middle States Commission Report, 2009-05-29

PASSHE Academic Degrees New Directed GenEd Policy 2012-02-20

PASSHE Academic Degrees Policy 1990-10-18-A

PASSHE Academic Passport Policy 1999-01-14

PASSHE Assessment Policy 1997-01-16

PASSHE GenEd Policy 1993-01-21

SU Academic Master Plan 2013-09-13

Latest Updates 


New MSCHE standards for accreditation that become effective during the 2017-18 academic year or later.

Updated GenEd project or event grant application forms (doc, pdf).

Fall meeting dates

Sept. 22, 2015

Oct. 27, 2015

Nov. 24, 2015.