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  • Intern: Tiffany Weaver
  • Placement: Shippensburg Historical Society
  • Website:http://www.shippensburg
My time as an intern at the Shippensburg Historical Society has been an inspirational experience. Trisha Grace, my internship supervisor allowed me to take part in a wide variety of tasks that go into running a museum and non-profit organization. My central responsibilities were to complete two exhibits from start to finish. The first exhibit was Civil War themed and coincided with Shippensburg’s March to Destiny festivities. The second exhibit was themed around the Works Progress Administration models. The Shippensburg Historical Society has one of the largest collections of these models in Pennsylvania. The Depression Era theme of the WPA room allowed me to include some of my own historical interests in a display case for Shippensburg’s Depression Era theaters.  Aside from my main goals of completing these two exhibits, I was also able to participate in the everyday workings of a local historical society. I was involved in an archaeological dig, archive management, membership recruitment, and community outreach.  I gave a Civil War Trails tour for March to Destiny and tours of the Civil War exhibit to various children’s groups from around the community. The tours were personal accomplishments in overcoming my fear of public speaking. The Civil War exhibit was on display until December of 2009. The exhibit on the WPA is currently on permanent display. Looking back at my experiences at the Shippensburg Historical Society I have learned what working at a museum entails and the work that goes into designing an exhibit. I have gained invaluable research skills that I can use both in the classroom and in designing future exhibits. This internship has also helped me decide on career goals and has inspired me to pursue a career in museum work, specifically exhibit design and museum coordination.

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Cumberland County Archival Internship  
The intern will work independently and in team
collaboration supervised by the Cumberland County
Archivist and her staff in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. 
This internship will include a stipend and travel
expenses up to $500.
Contact Dr. Dieterich-War
d for more information.
Archival Records Internship    
The Pennsylvania House of Representatives, through the Bipartisan Management Committee, is sponsoring an Archival Records Internship at the State Capitol in Harrisburg. The internship is an opportunity to work directly with the historical records and materials of the House of Representatives. Students will have the opportunity to apply classroom knowledge to real work situations while exploring career options. Contact Dr. Dieterich-Ward for more information.   



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