Entering Housing Preferences and accessing My Housing Portal
To get to the portal go into the secure part of your website at: www.ship.edu, My Info, MyShip, Enter your secure information, Student, Ship Life.

There will be two links on the right. 

1)  My Housing Agreement
  Select the 2012-13 New Student Housing Agreement or Exemption.    

Once students have signed-up for housing they can access RoomSync.  RoomSync is a Facebook application student can use to meet other incoming Shippensburg University students.  Passcode links are emailed to the students periodically or is available on the screen after the payment is submitted online.

 2)  MyHousing Portal
   Select your housing preferences, request roommates and select rooms.  In this area students will find Home/Overview, Personal Preferences,   Living Preferences, Room Selection. 

My Housing Home/Overview - gives a summary of current information. Students will see:  My Info, My Assignments, My Future Roommate Requests, My Future Housing Processes. This screen gives real time information to students on their housing status. Students should review this screen for any changes periodically. 

Personal Preferences - This area is used to collect personal roommate information. Students may change this area at any time even if they are not currently in a room lottery. This (optional) information will be considered when the housing office makes any room assignments.  It is semester specific.  Living Preferences for new suites can be entered here, however, we recommend submitting an incoming student New Suite Application.

Living Preferences - Students use this area to enter hall/suite/apartment choices. This area may be changed at any time even if the student is not currently in a room lottery.  This information is semester specific. Make sure you are entering information for the semester you are starting at SU. Students can choose two building preferences.  Students are currently requesting New Suites opening in the Spring 2013 by application.  The application is available at: housing.ship.edu, forms.  You can also enter your preference for New Suites in the Personal Preference area by indicating the building and suite type.  You would select a room in Kieffer, Lackhove, McCune Hall during the New Student Lottery beginning on May 15th. The Housing Office would then place you in one of the New Suites for the Spring 2013 semester.  Students submitting a paper suite application will be placed before the New Student Lottery on May 15th. 

Student Lotteries - The "lottery" is an event the Housing Office schedules to allow a student to request a roommate or choose a room online. New students will initially be in an active lottery in order to request a roommate.  Online room selection is expected to begin on May15th.  Students can apply for New Suites and be placed before the online lottery by completing a New Suite Applicant now. 

Room/Roommate Selection 

My Room Selection Information - This area describes in greater detail any future room lotteries listed on the Home/Overview Screen.

Roommate Selection
- Students can use the RoomSync application in Facebook to identify students to room with at SU.  After identifying a roommate the student can list them on their New Suite application or enter them into the MyHousing Portal in this area.  After the student has entered a roommate request the system will try to uniquely identify that person and tell the student if the matching roommate has also selected him/her. If the 1st roommate sees the 2nd roommate's name and a message "Does not Match" it means the 2nd roommate has not entered a preference for the 1st roommate. When the 2nd roommate picks the 1st roommate both students will see "(Match) Yes ". First and last name are the only required fields. Students who have trouble locating a roommate can e-mail
housing@ship.edu. You only need to enter first and last name. If you cannot find the student try entering last name only. The requested student must also be a confirmed housing student.  Students must be in a housing lottery in order to select a roommate.  Keep in mind access may be limited during periods when other groups may be selecting rooms.  For example in February many groups of returning students will be selecting roommates. 

Separate Lotteries - New freshman and transfer students will be in one lottery. Returning students will be in other lotteries. The new student lottery starts and ends at the same time for all students. The lottery allows students to enter roommate preferences. Students can go through the lottery at any time during the lottery. The lottery will end on June 15th.  Students may continue to enter preferences, but keep in mind the housing office may have already made the assignment when the preference was entered. 

New Students wishing to live with Returning Students - The returning student should contact the housing office when they select a room to hold the vacancy for the new student.  After the new student confirms by signing the housing agreement and paying the $200 he/she should email housing@ship.edu requesting the returning student and the room being held. 

Room Selection - Incoming students submitting New Suite applications will be housed first on a first come first serve basis.  The Housing Office will make the assignments in the New Suite building and Suite Type based on availability.  After establishing the New Suite assignment for Spring 2013 the Housing Office will place the students in Kieffer, Lackhove, McCune, and Seavers.  New Student online room selection is expected to begin on May 15, 2012.  Students who do not choose a room will be assigned by Housing and Residence Life.  Students will be able to view the assignments on the MyHousing Overview screen online real time. 

The Housing Office recommends students make their own room selections this year due the fluctuation in housing prices for 2012-2013.