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News & Announcements

Greek Week Committee April 14, 2014 7:30pm CUB 240

IFC Meeting April 15, 2014 4pm CUB 239

WPC Meeting April 17, 2014 4pm CUB 240

New Initiate Confirmation List Due April 21, 2014 4pm 

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Contact Information

Emilee Danielson-Burke
Assistant Dean of Students
Director of Fraternity & Sorority Life

Danielle Dabrowski
Fraternity & Sorority Life Secretary

Stephanie Diaz
Graduate Assistant

Dylan Simpson 
Student Worker

CUB 236
Phone: 717-477-1848
Fax: 717-477-4098 




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Faculty member of the Month

WPC: Professor Schwilk 

IFC: Emilee Danielson 

Scholar of the Month

WPC: Tabitha Poore, Alpha Sigma Tau

IFC: Eric Wichens, Phi Delta Theta


Alpha Phi was named as a qualifier for the Order of the Lamp award at their Leadership Conference!

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Greek Week

*IF= Immediately Following

*TOW= Tug-of-War

Greek Week 2012: Schedule as of November 21, 2011


Time                Event                           # of Members            


 Sunday, April 1, 2011 

2:00PM           Opening Ceremony    EVERYONE              

IF*                    Trivia                           4                                 

IF                     First Round TOW*      6                                 

IF                     Dodgeball (men)        5                                 

                        Basketball(women)    3                               

IF                     Dodgeball(women)    5                              

                        Basketball(men)         3                                  


 Monday, April 2, 2011 

4:00PM           Pyramid                           10                               

IF                     Second Round TOW     6                                 

IF                     Eating Contest                1+helper                    

IF                     Egg Toss                         2                                 

IF                     Dizzy Bat                        4                                  

IF                     Car Pack                         TBD                                                                   


 Tuesday, April 3, 2011 

3:30PM           Final Round TOW      6                                 

IF                     Volleyball(women)     6                                 

                        Kickball(men)             10                              

IF                     Volleyball(men)          6                                  

                        Kickball (women)       10                                 


 Wednesday, April 4, 2011 

6:30PM           4x100                           4                                

IF                     Mile Run                     1                                 

IF                     Musical Tubes           1                                

IF                     Biggest Splash           4+splasher                


 Thursday, April 5, 2011 

7:30PM           LIP SYNC                     NO LIMIT                  

 Points will be awarded as follows for all events EXCEPT Lip Sync:

1st Place: 20; 2nd Place 15; 3rd Place: 10; 4th Place 5


 Lip Sync points will be awarded as follows: 

1st Place 30; 2nd Place: 20; 3rd Place: 15; 4th Place 10


 Points for Collaboration:If a team is lacking in enough players to compete in an event they may borrow players from another team. The team that needs the extra players, as well as the team who shares players, will be awarded 2(two) extra points for that particular event.