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Record Group 23
Vice-President for Administration and Student Affairs
23.6 Director of Public Relations and Publications




The position of Director of Public Relations was first established in 1960. In 1973 the post was renamed Director of Public Relations and Publications. From 1978-1986 the director reported to the Vice-President for Administration and Student Affairs. From 1986-1988 the director reported directly to the President, in 1988 becoming part of the Office of University Relations, until 1999 when that office was dissolved. At that time the director was renamed the Director of Public Relations and Events, reporting directly to the President, and in 2001 a Director of Publications and Advertising was added to the office. In 2003 the Director of Publications and Events was renamed the Executive Director of University Communications and Marketing.


This collection is part of Record Group 23, Vice-President for Administration and Student Affairs because that was where the public relations and publications functions were administered in the late 1970s when the Archives formulated its record group arrangement and received the bulk of the office files. In this collection there are 9 cubic feet of records in this collection, covering 1961 through the present. The records are open for research without restrictions under the conditions of the Archives’ access policy. The suggested citation is:
Director of Public Relations and Publications, 1961-20**, Shippensburg University Archives.


Scope and Content of Records


The records of the Director of Public Relations and Publications are arranged in series by type of file. The original file order established by the public relations office has been followed to an extent. However, photographs were moved to Record Group 30--Photographs. Also, some files that were unrelated to the Director of Public Relations and Publications and found in the boxes were removed for arrangement elsewhere.


The materials are mostly text files. These files include advertisements, biographical data, booklets, brochures, calendars, correspondence, guides, magazines, maps, memos, news clippings, newsletters, news releases, pamphlets, posters, profiles, reports, and other literature.


The collection is particularly strong in news releases and newsletters. These newsletters provide vital information about important decisions, events, and functions relevant to the history of the university.


Series Description


  • Promotional Literature:
    This sub-series contains documents promoting the university and its programs. The contents within the folders are arranged in both alphabetical and chronological order.
  • Information about Shippensburg State College / University and Shippensburg, PA :
    These folders contain numerous brochures, pamphlets, and maps about college/ university academic programs; information for students about the dining service, traffic, financial aid, scheduling, building locations, and musical programs at Shippensburg State College.
  • Special Events :
    This folder contains information regarding various cultural events which took place at Shippensburg State College.
  • News Releases, 1968-1989, 1994-1997:
    This sub-series includes information about performances, awards, conferences, athletic events, university appointments, faculty achievements, and student achievements, especially those who were named to Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. They are arranged in chronological and alphabetical order. The archives has loose copies and a few bound copies of the news releases.
  • Calendars and Newsletters :
    This series includes calendars and campus newsletters issued from 1967 through the present. It is arranged as follows:
    • Applause, 1987-1990, 1994-1997, 2003-2008:
      These calendars were published once a year. They contain monthly information regarding campus-wide cultural events or activities such as concerts, musical performances, lectures, films, and exhibits. These calendars are arranged in chronological order.
    • SSCene/Shippensburg University Scene, 1980-1989 :
      These newsletters were published four times a year (October, December, February, and May) by the Office of the President. They were aimed to provide legislators, state governmental officials, business leaders, alumni, and retired faculty members with updates on campus developments and events. They were edited by the Director of Public Relations and Publications. They are arranged in chronological order.
    • Parent Line, 1982-6:
      These newsletters were published twice a year (once in the fall and spring) by the Public Relations and Publications Office. They were aimed to provide parents of university students with information regarding campus improvements, special events, and awards. The newsletters contain remarks by the university president and are arranged in chronological order.
    • In the News, 1968-1969 :
      This newsletter was a survey of news articles which appeared in various newspapers from November 1968 to February of 1969. Some of the most important news articles include the establishment of the Office of Vice-President, groundbreaking for the field house, a computer system called Sam Spectra, and a memorial lectureship to honor Dr. Arthur Atkinson.
    • The Black SSCene, Nov. 25, 1975 :
      This newsletter focused entirely on African-American student life on campus. It contains black campus organizations’ reports, poetry, student spotlights, songs, and student editorials.
    • Vista, 1990-1997:
      These newsletters were published four times a year (fall, winter, spring, summer) by the Office of University Publications and Public Information. They were aimed at providing alumni, associates, and friends with information about campus events and alumni marriages and updates. The newsletters contain remarks by the president and are arranged in chronological order.
    • FACT, 1967-present:
      These newsletters are published twice a month by the Office of University Communications and Marketing. They provide faculty, staff associates, and university administrators with information regarding university appointments, events, faculty achievements, and campus renovations. The archives contains both bound and loose copies of these newsletters.
    • Staff Report, 1972-1977:
      These newsletters were published monthly by the Office of Public relations and Publications. They provided faculty and staff members with news about campus athletic events, history, new employees, and work-related information. These newsletters are arranged in chronological order.
  • Faculty and staff biographical information:
    This series contains information on nearly faculty and staff members who were employed at from 1930 through the present. The folders are arranged in alphabetical order.


Container List


  • Box 1
    • Folder 1
      • An Intro to SSC
      • At this moment on the campus of SSC
      • Ecology and Economy at Ship
      • Hilltop Heritage Ship State’s First 100 Years
      • Public Higher Education and SSC
      • Rowland Head Start Program
      • Shippensburg Head Start Program
      • Shippensburg, PA
      • Ship State: An Intro
      • SSC booklets
      • SSTC pamphlets and booklets
      • SU Arts & Humanities
      • SU Business Studies
      • SU Teacher Education
      • SU The Natural Sciences and Math
      • SU The Social Sciences
      • The Local Economic Impact of SSC
      • Welcome to the Cumberland Valley
      • Welcome to SSC
      • Welcome to SU
      • Why Should You Transfer to SSC
      • 5 New Fields of Specialization…In Grad Program
      • Nine Reasons Why You Should Consider SU
      • 1977 Ship State
    • Folder 2
      • A New Plan at SSC
      • Accelerate 4 in 3 Calendar Years
      • An Opportunity to Live and to Teach….Cumberland Valley
      • An Opportunity to Teach at SSC
      • Answers to Your Questions About SSC…the Business Curriculum
      • Arts and Sciences Division
      • Be Patriotic…attend SSTC
      • Be Prepared…attend SSTC
      • Biology at SSC
      • Business Education A Teaching Career for You
      • Chemistry at SSC
      • Come Along and Join Us
      • Community/Junior College Teaching Orientation Program
      • Economics at SSC
      • Education Administration Programs….for Principals
      • Elementary Education at SSC
      • English at SSC
      • Everything You Always…But didn’t know who to ask
      • Grad Program Leading to Super I Certification
      • Guide to Geography- Earth Science
      • Health Science at SSC
      • Int. Studies and Exchange at SSC
      • Man. Science at SSC
      • Math and Computer Science at SSC
      • Modern English in the Modern High School
      • Office Administration at SSC
      • Psychology at SSC
      • Resident Hall Graduate Counseling Program
      • Sociology at SSC
      • Spend Summer at Ship
      • Study Radio, TV, and Film at SSC
      • The Arts and Sciences Program
      • The Bachelor of Arts Program
      • The Guidance Team Approach
      • The Physics Program
      • World Cultures 1964 Summer Sessions
      • SSC Announces 7 Additional Master’s Degree Programs
      • 1965 Summer at Ship
      • 1969 SSC Summer Sessions
      • 1981 Summer Grad Classes
    • Folder 3
      • An Info Brochure Concerning Financial Aid for Students
      • An Info Brochure Covering Financial Aid for Students
      • An Info Brochure Covering GRE for Senior Students
      • Campus Guide
      • Fall 1970 Class Student Guide
      • Info Brochure for Disabled Students
      • Introducing Masquers
      • Music at Ship
      • Orientation Program for New Students
      • Profile of Class of 1965
      • Scheduling Procedures Information
      • SSC Bands, Shippensburg, PA
      • Tips about Food Service at SSC
      • Traffic and Parking at SSC
      • Welcome to SSC: An Info Brochure for the 1965-66 Year
      • Welcome to SSC: An Info Brochure for the 1966-67 Year
      • Welcome to SSC: An Info Brochure for the 1967-68 Year
      • Welcome to SSC: An Info Brochure for the 1969-70 Year
      • Welcome to SSC: An Info Brochure for the 1972-73 Year
    • Folder 4
      • Cultural Affairs 1973-74 at SSC
      • Faculty Show Poster
      • Kauffman Gallery: Jack Handshaw and Bethe Roy
      • Huckleberry Finn Symposium
      • Kauffman Gallery: Scott Jones and Barbara Mail
      • Oliver LaGrone
      • Liberty and Constraint in Women’s Fashions
      • Kauffman Gallery: Viva Ludlow and Gloria Uribe
      • Kent Roberts: Magic Realist
      • Reach for the Stars at Roy M. Dibert Planetarium
      • SSC European Seminar
      • Starlight, Starbright…Roy M. Dibert Planetarium
      • Ship Area Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner
      • SSC Cultural Programs 1966-67
      • SSC Cultural Programs 1967-68
      • SSC The Earl Wright Endowed Lectureship, 1973
      • The Roy M. Dilbert Planetarium
      • The Speakers Bureau
      • What’s Happening on the Hill
  • Box 2    News Releases: 1968-1972
  • Box 3    News Releases: 1972-1974
  • Box 4    News Releases: 1975-1976
  • Box 5    News Releases: 1977-1985
  • Box 6    News Releases: 1986-1989
  • Box 7   
    1. News Releases: January-September 1994 (missing February)
    2. News Releases: October-December 1994
    3. News Releases: January-April 1995
    4. News Releases: May-August 1995
    5. News Releases: September-December 1995
    6. News Releases: January-March 1996
    7. News Releases: April-August 1996
    8. News Releases: September-December 1996
    9. News Releases: January-May 1997
    10. News Releases: June-September 1997
    11. News Releases: October-December 1997
    12. Sports News 1997
    13. Hometown News Release Data Sheets (alphabetically)
    14. Who’s Who New Release
    15. Public Relations Memos
    16. Graphic Standard Manual
    17. Grant Application Handbook
    18. University Relations Division Summary Program Plans 1991-1994
    19. Cumberland County Bicentennial Commission:
    20. Three Mile Island-Disaster Plan
    21. Gastro-enteritis-November 1972
    22. Ralph Nader visit: news clippings
    23. Senator McGovern: News clippings
    24. Miscellaneous Student Activities and Information Pamphlets
    25. Miscellaneous Shippensburg University Booklets
    26. Applause: 1994-1997, 2005-2006
    27. Explanation of Program Studies
    28. SU Admissions Fall 1992
    29. Parentline, v.1 no. 2-v.6 no. 1
    30. Advertisements: No Dates
    31. In The News 1968-1969
    32. The Black SSCene Newsletter
    33. Director of Public Relations, Henry Wilkens 1961
  • Box 8
    • Vista 1990
    • Vista 1991
    • Vista 1992
    • Vista 1994
    • Vista 1995
    • Vista 1996
    • Vista 1997
  • Box 9
    • FACT: November 1, 1967 – August 1968 (blue bound books)
    • FACT: September 1968 – August 1969 (blue bound books)
    • FACT: September 1969 – August 1970 (blue bound books)
    • FACT: September 1970 – August 1971 (blue bound books)
    • Why the FACT? Mission statement
  • Box 10
    • FACT: September 1971 – August 1972
    • FACT: September 1972 – August 1973
    • FACT: September 1973 – August 1974
    • FACT: September 1973 – August 1974
  • Box 11
    • FACT Sept 1974-August 1975 (bound)
    • FACT Sept 1975-Aug 1975 (bound )
    • FACT Sept 1977-Aug 1978 (bound)
    • FACT July 197-August 1977
    • FACT Feb 1978- August 1978
    • FACT Sept 1978-August 19789 (bound)
    • FACT Sept 1979-August 1980 (bound)
    • FACT Oct-Dec 1979
    • FACT Jan 1980-81
  • Box 12
    • FACT July 1980-Jun 1981
    • FACT: July 1981 – June 1982
    • FACT: July 1982 – June 1983
    • FACT: October 1981 – September 1982
    • FACT: July 1983 – June 1984
    • FACT: July 1984- May 1985
    • FACT: February 1984
  • Box 13
    • FACT: June 1985 – December 1985
    • FACT: 1986
    • FACT: 1987
    • FACT: 1988
    • FACT: 1989
    • FACT: 1990
    • FACT: 1991
    • FACT: 1992
    • FACT: 1993- no file
    • FACT: 1994
    • FACT: 1995
    • FACT: 1996
    • FACT: 2002
    • FACT: 2003-2004
    • FACT: 2005-2006
    • FACT 2007-2008
    • FACT 2008-
  • Box 14
    • Staff Report 1972-73
    • Staff Report 1974-75
  • Box 15 - SSCene 1973-1989 
  • Box 16 - Information on Faculty and Staff
  • Box 17 - Proteus
    • Mock up of first issue, Fall 1983
    • R. Buckminster Fuller
    • Marketing and promotion
    • Accepted manuscripts
    • Rejected manuscripts
    • Correspondence - various issues
  • Princeton file - Proteus issues, Fall 1983-present