B.S.B.A. Core Requirements

All B.S.B.A. majors in the John L. Grove College of Business must satisfactorily
complete the 100-/200-level business core courses during their freshman and
sophomore years and must satisfactorily complete the 300-/400-level business
core courses during their junior and senior years, as listed below.

For Course Descriptions:S.U. Undergraduate Catalog (See Section 3)
Required Courses in Related Fields 
MAT140 College Algebra *
MAT181 Applied Calculus I
Required Courses 
ACC200  Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
ACC201  Managerial Accounting
BSL261  American Legal Environment
BSN101  Foundations of Business Administration (1 cr.)
ECO113  Principles of Economics (4 crs.)
ECO280  Managerial Economics
FIN311  Financial Management
SCM200  Statistical Applications in Business
SCM330  Operations Management
MIS142  Business Computer Systems
MGT305  Organizational Behavior
MGT447  Business & Society**
MGT497  Strategic Management
MKT305  Principles of Marketing
*Students who place at the advanced level in the math competency/placement test are not required to take MAT140. In lieu of MAT140, students are required to take a general education elective outside of the John L. Grove College of Business.
**Satisfies university diversity requirement
Major Course Requirements
Students should meet with their faculty advisor to plan the sequencing of their major program of study.  Students interested in a double major and/or minor shall be required to take the prescribed courses in each respective major and/or minor. Students can double count one course with the permission of the respective department chair(s). Refer to the index under "double majors and minors" for further information.
English Requirements:  All John L. Grove College of Business majors, including B.S.B.A., B.S.Ed., and B.A. candidates, must complete ENG106 Writing Intensive First Year Seminar or ENG110 Advanced Placement Writing, with a "C" grade or better before scheduling upper division business courses.
For additional information:S.U. Undergraduate Catalog