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Information Technology for Business Education
(B.S.B.A. with optional teaching certification)

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About Information Technology for Business Education
Department Information 

The Information Technology for Business Education major offers students the opportunity to earn a B.S.B.A. with a major focus on the application of computer technology to the management of systems and the education and/or training of students or workers. The program is designed to prepare graduates who are technically qualified to work in educational or corporate environments as teachers, trainers, software specialists, and technology coordinators.

B.S.B.A. Core Requirements
B.S.B.A. Worksheet/Flow Chart/Suggested Program Plan/Others Forms
Course Descriptions (See Section 3)

Required Courses (18 crs.)
BUS305  Business Information Processing I
BUS306  Business Information Processing II
MIS240  Introduction to Programming Concepts
MIS242  Design & Development of User Information System
MIS355  Database Applications
MIS420  Telecommunications and Distributed Processing
Required Education/Business Education Courses for Students Pursuing Optional Teaching Certification (15 crs.)
See: S.U. Undergraduate Catalog Section 2
Certification Option
See: S.U. Undergraduate Catalog Section 2

Career Opportunities 

Graduates of this major will have a choice of career paths available upon graduation. Some graduates will chose to be teachers, technology coordinators, or network specialists for public or private schools, school districts, or other post-secondary educational institutions. Others will secure employment in businesses and corporations where there is a need for information technology specialists.

About Information Technology for Business Education 

For additional information visit the S.U. Undergraduate Catalog