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This page is depreciated. Please see the new Library rooms page.

Library Rooms

Library Room Requests and Availability

  • Click green "Edit Search Filter" button (top right corner)
  • Select "Ezra Lehman Library" in the "Location box (top left corner) and "View Calendar"
  • Select Day / Week / Month view for overview of availability
  • Click green "Request Event" button (top right corner)
  • Type your Event Title and select "Ezra Lehman Library" Request Form & click "Next"
  • Fill in the form and "Submit Request"

More information about using library rooms and included equipment:

  • For questions concerning the use of these rooms, please use the comment box on the reservation form.
  • To receive training on Smart Carts, email IDDS.
  • To reserve a room, please fill out the online form.
  • Please note: Rooms are scheduled on first come, first serve basis.
  • Library rooms are not reserved until you have recieved a positive confirmation from library staff.

Reserve the Library Classroom/Conference Room

LL106 Classroom/Conference Room

LL106Capacity: 24 seats (35 maximum capacity)
Equipment: Smart Cart with Projector and Screen; White-board; Speaker-phone.

LL106 is a library instruction classroom or meeting space. Because of the need for flexibility to fulfill this primary use, the Library prefers reservations for hourly sessions as opposed to all-day or all-week events.

Pictured is the standard room set-up. If you need a different set-up or if you serve food or drinks, you are responsible for returning the room to how you found it.

Reserve the Library Computer Lab

LL112 Computer Lab/Classroom
LL112Capacity: 36 seats (45 maximum capacity)
Equipment: 24 desktop computers
(plus, up to 14 laptops can be reserved)

LL112 is the library computer lab. In addition to student use, professors may use the computer lab to further enhance their lessons. For classroom use, the lab has a data projector, screen, and an instructor workstation.