MyHousing Portal

The portal stores students individual housing information. 

Question:  What is a housing lottery?  

Answer:  Anytime you can request a roommate or select a room in the MyHousing portal.

Question:  How do I get into MyHousing Portal?  

Answer:  Go to:, My Info, MyShip, Enter your secure information, Student, ShipLife, Connect to MyHousing

Inside the portal you will see 5 navigation buttons: 

1) Overview/Overview  
My Assignments-Shows current and future room assignments
My Dining-Shows current and future dining plans selected.
My Future Roommate Requests-Shows any roommates requested.
My Future Room Selections Process-Shows and current or future housing lotteries students are eligible to participate in.

2) Personal Preferences
Note: preferences are semester specific
Options include:
Cell Phone Number ____________
Guests - Responses: Moderately Social/Enjoy Regular Guests, Prefer Privacy/Limited Guests, Social/Enjoy Frequent Guests 
New Suite - Responses: Yes, No
New Suite Unit Type:
Unit B-2 person, 1 bedroom semi-suite
Unit C-2 person, 2 bedroom semi-suite
Unit D-4 person, 2 bedroom full-suite
Unit E-2 person, 2 bedroom full-suite
Unit F-4 person, 4 bedroom full-suite

Social/Enjoy Frequent Guests
Moderately Social/Regular Guests 
Prefer Privacy/Limited Guests 

Living Learning Communities
Biology first Year Interest Groups
Discover SU (Undeclared)
Engaging Service Through Action
Healthy Living
Honors Program Housing
Ship Leadership Academy

Personal Hours 
Early to Bed/Early to Rise
Late to Bed/Late to Rise
Flexible based on my schedule
Late to Bed/Early to Rise 

Room Neatness 
Neatness is very important
Neatness is somewhat important
Neatness is not important  

Smoking Preference
Smoker willing to live with a smoker
Smoker willing to live with either
Non-smoker will to live with either
Non-smoker willing to live with non-smoker

 Sound Levels
I am flexible to mutually agreed upon times.
I like music or TV on most of the time. 
I prefer a quiet room.  

 Views about Alcohol
I am accepting of limited consumption. 
I approve of its consumption.
I do not tolerate its consumption. 

 3) Living Preferences
Can select two specific hall (builiding) choices. ex. 1) Presidents Hall 2) Naugle Hall

4) Room Selection
 My Room Selection Information-Describes Housing Lotteries
 Roommate Selection-Use search boxes to find and match roommates 
Select a Room/Suite-Select rooms/suites/apartments. Rooms will only be available during active room lotteries

5) Dining Plans  Contact our Student Accounts Office at (717) 477-1211 for information on Dining Plan selection