Laundry Facilities and Procedures for On-Campus Students

Washers and dryers in the residence halls and in Seavers Complex can be operated either by using coins or by adding value to the student ID card. Value-Add machines are located in each residence hall laundry room and in the Cumberland Union Building.

Laundry Instructions


Laundry 1


Go to the machine labeled "Cash to Card" to add money to your student ID.*
Insert your student ID, face up, with the picture to the right.*



Add the desired amount of money to your student ID by inserting bills into the machine. Only denominations of 5, 10 and 20 are accepted. Eject card when finished.**
Go to the machine with the numeric key pad and insert your student ID faceup, with your picture toward the slot.



Enter the number of the washer or dryer you wish to use.
Push the Pound Key (#) to activate the washer or dryer selected. Eject card when finished.

* If your card is not encoded, please contact the CUB Directors Office (ext. 1560). If a student inserts a card that is not encoded, the card will immediately be ejected by the "Cash to Card" machine.  Money on a lost card can not be recovered, so it is recommended you do not put large cash amounts on the card at one time. 

** The Cash to Card system does not add money to your flex account. Flex dollars cannot be used to operate the washers and dryers.

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