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MollKirk Moll
Assistant Professor
Department Chair & Instruction Librarian
Office: LL116
Phone: 717-477-1473 

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Citation Formatting

Quick Guides by Dr. Cook

Online Citation Tools

These programs allow you to electronically format your sources and create a bibliography that can be downloaded directly into your paper.

Source Aid

SourceAid’s Citation Builder formats your bibliography in MLA, APA, CMS & CSE styles. You can also save your work for later editing or addition.

Citation Machine

Citation Machine generates works cited entries in MLA and APA formats which are able to be copied and pasted into a word document.


We subscribe to this service! RefWorks is a web-based bibliographic software package that enables you to:

  • Organize your research
  • Include citations while you write your paper
  • Build a bibliography in a variety of style formats (MLA, APA, Chicago)
  • Import references from many data sources (Databases, Catalog
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HON122 - World History I - Dr. Senecal

Finding Primary Sources

In this class, we will use three methods to identify primary sources on topics in ancient and medieval history.

  1. Finding a scholarly encyclopedia article that lists primary sources in its bibliography
  2. Finding a scholarly encyclopedia article that lists primary sources in its text
  3. Searching library catalogs for primary sources
    • Search the SU Library Catalog
    • Search the Library of Congress Catalog
    • Use "primary source" terms to modify your search, such as:
      source? primary? document?
      correspondence letter? diar?

Subject Encyclopedias

World History

Ancient and Classical World

  • Oxford Classical Dictionary
  • Encyclopedia of the Ancient World (Print)
  • Women's Role in Ancient Civilizations (Print)
  • Encyclopedia of Women in the Ancient World (Print)

Ancient Near East

Middle Ages and Renaissance


Specific Regions

  • Encyclopedia of India (GVRL)
  • Encyclopedia of Russian History (GVRL)
  • Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture (GVRL)
  • Oxford Encyclopedia of Mesoamerican Culture (Print)
  • Historical Dictionary of Iraq (GVRL)
  • Encyclopedia of African History (Print)
  • Africana (Print)
  • Encyclopedia of Precolonial Africa (Print)
  • Kodansha Encyclopedia of Japan (Print)

Social Sciences

  • Encyclopedia of Sex and Gender (GVRL)
  • International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences (GVRL)

Article Databases