The placement tests for math and writing are on-line. Does this mean I can take the test from home? 

It is correct that these tests are web-based, computerized on-line assessments. However, because they are placement tests, they must be completed in a proctored environment. Subsequently, you must test at Ship or one of the alternate test sites.

I passed all parts of the PSSA tests. Do I still need to complete placement testing? 

Congratulations on passing all parts of the PSSA (Pennsylvania System of School Assessment). We do not use PSSA scores to determine placement testing requirements. We only use nationally normed tests such as the SAT or ACT. If testing is required based on your SAT scores, you are still required to complete your placement testing.

I am not required to take the placement tests. Should I take the optional math test?

If you choose to take the math test, you are not eligible to receive course credit for testing into the respective Advanced level.

If your math SAT is between 540 and 605 and you wish to be eligible for Calculus I, you must take the optional test and test into the Advanced level. In addition, for certain majors (generally B.A. degrees), testing into the Advanced level will satisfy the university's math competency. When you satisfy the competency with the placement test, those 3 credits can be used for any college class. In essence, it can count as an additional free elective. If you are majoring in Teacher Education, taking the optional math test is unnecessary because this major requires a minumum of 2 college level math courses.

What if my SAT scores are incorrectly reported? 

If your SAT scores are different from what is posted on your Test Reservation Form (gold sheet), please contact the Office of Admissions. The information posted on the Test Reservation From comes directly from the Office of Admissions. Generally, a correct/updated SAT score report can be faxed or mailed to their office.

If you plan to test at an alternate site, please contact the Placement Testing Office so that we can notify the site of your correct scores and placement testing requirements. If you are testing on the Ship campus, no further action is necessary as your corrected SAT scores will get posted and we will readily have access to that information.

What are the dates of placement testing on the Shippensburg campus?

Placement testing is available from May to July at Ship. Testing is also available at the alternate test sites posted on the Alternate Sites link

To view the dates and register for one of the testing dates at Ship, please select the "Registration@Ship" link and input the requested information. You will be given your Ship ID# and e-mail address. Your Ship ID# is also your Library ID#. Proceed by selecting url link and entering requested information.

Directions for testing at an alternate site can be accessed by selecting the appropriate alternate site link.

Please arrive at least 15 minutes early. Photo ID and Test Reservation Form (gold sheet) are required. 

Where can I test at? 

Placement Testing occurs at Shippensburg University.  Please click on Register for Placement Testing. 

Placement Testing can also be scheduled at various community colleges.  Please click on alternative testing sites.

When should I take the placement test(s)?  

We recommend that you complete testing as soon as possible; ideally before the early testing deadline in June. This will allow ample time to prepare yourself academically before you begin classes.

What if I can not complete testing by the early deadline of June 4th? 

If you are unable to complete testing by the testing deadline, you will not be able to attend orientation or register for classes.  Please remember however that completing your testing early is strongly recommended because it aids in the development of your schedule.

Does placement testing have any impact on my admissions? 

For students already admitted to the University, placement testing does not have an impact on admissions. Placement testing is designed to aid in the selection of appropriate courses your first semester.

What do I need to bring to testing? 

Review the Testing Procedures section on the testing homepage.

What should I do if I have earned course credits or I am taking an AP course/test? 

If you have taken a course in which you earned college credit, please send official transcripts to the Admission's Office. If the college credit is for a math or English class, please inform the Placement Testing Office. If you already have your AP score, please send an official transcript to the Admission's Office. If you will be taking the test, generally we will still recommend completing testing.

If I have to complete all 3 tests, do I have to register for 3 different testing sessions? 

No, whether you need one, two, or all three tests, all testing is completed in one testing session.

How long is testing? 

The Townsend Press Reading Challenge Test is not to exceed 50minutes, Writing not to exceed 120 minutes (but should take around an hour, and the math is not timed. Each test averages approximately 35-40 minutes.

When will I get my results? 

Math and Reading results will available immediately after placement testing is completed. If testing is completed at Shippensburg University, results will be reviewed with you 1:1 along with your options.  The English essay results will be available on through your MyShip portal at a later date.

How should I prepare for the tests?

Review for each of the tests is found on the Placement Testing Review tab.

What preparation is needed for the English and Reading tests?  

The English essay does not require any special preparation. The topic is of general knowledge.

The reading test also does not require any special preparations; however, the following review sheet provides some comprehensive reading strategies. The website (2nd link) provides a variety of ACCUPLACER practice tests.

I tested into the developmental level (Reading or Math Level 1 or Math Level 2): 

What does this mean? 

Based on your placement testing results, it appears that you need additional preparation to be successful in college level work. 

For those with placement into Math Level 2:  MAT 050 is only required if the major requires MAT 140 or MAT 211.  Undeclared Students with Math Level 2 placement should only take MAT 050 if they are leaning towards a major that requires MAT 140 or MAT 211.

What should I do? 

We recommend that you remediate your developmental placement by taking and passing a developmental course through your local college, university, or community college. However, please remember, developmental courses do not count toward graduation. If you wish to take a summer class, please complete a Transcript Request Form. This will allow me to send your testing results to the respective college and give "permission" to take the recommended course. If you are considering the tutoring option, please have your tutor contact the placement testing office at dihenr@ship.edu.

How do I know what class to take? 

On the options sheet you receive immediately following testing, it lists equivalent community colleges courses. If you remain unsure, please feel free to contact us with any questions. These can also be found at the options based on results tab.

How do I prepare for the developmental math course (MAT050 or equivalent)? 

Please read the page for Developmental Math Preparation.  Resources include:  general outline of course requirements, sample pre-test with worked out solution files, general Shippensburg Student Resources, and Pre-Test information.  The Pre-Test information page also specifies "Successful performance on the pre-test may give a student the option to move up to the appropriate college-level mathematics course for their major."