Register for Placement Testing


FOR First-Year Studetns, please check your MyShipPortal to register for required Placement Testing.

FOR Transfer Students, please check your SU Email by going to for available dates and times to complete required placement testing. You will ONLY be sent an email if you are required to complete testing.

If you are interested in taking your placement test(s) at an alternate testing site, you do NOT need to register online. Please see Alternate Testing Sites for more information on testing at an alternate site. In order to test at an alternate testing site you: (Alternate Sites ONLY available March - May)

  1. MUST identify yourself as a Shippensburg University student

  2. MUST have the initial placement testing notification email of your test scores

FYI: If you choose to test at an alternate site, you will not receive a registration confirmation email from our office. Your test results will be automatically forwarded to Shippensburg University.