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1. Old Main OM
2. Horton Hall HH
3. Gilbert Hall GH
4. Stewart Hall SH
5. Henderson Gymnasium HG
6. Shearer Hall SRH
7. Rowland Hall RLH
8. Memorial Auditorium MA
9. Shippen Hall SPH
10. Huber Art Center HAC
12.Kriner Dining Hall KRH
13. Reed Operations Center ROC
14. Harley Hall
18. Wright Hall
19. Naugle Hall NAU
20.McLean Hall MCL
21. Reisner Dining Hall RH

22. Ezra Lehman Memorial Library LL
23. Martin House MH
24. Reisinger House REI
25. Steam Plant SP
26. Franklin Science Center FSC
27. Dauphin Humanities Center DHC
28. Ceddia Union Building CUB
29. Mowrey Hall MOW
30. Heiges Field House HFH
31. Seth Grove Stadium SGS
35. Mathematics and Computing Technologies Center MCT
36. John L. Grove Hall GRH
37. Richard D. Rife Alumni House RAH
38. Grace B. Luhrs University Elementary School GBL

39. Cora I. Grove Spiritual Center SC
40. Warehouse
41. Stone Ridge Commons SRC
42. Little Red Schoolhouse LRS
43. Davis House (Fashion Archives)
44. Robb Sports Complex
45. Eckels Field
46. Reed Annex
47. Student Recreation Complex
48. H. Ric Luhrs Performing Arts Center
49. Conference Center CFC
50. ShipRec
51. Fairchild Field
52. McLean Hall II/
Counseling Center
53. Seavers Hall
54. Presidents Hall

In addition to locations shown, emergency phones are located in the following buildings:
Rec Area Pavilion -- Phones in the men's and women's restrooms
Naugle, McLean, Kieffer, and Lackhove Halls --Phones in the sound booths
Franklin Science Center -- Phones on each floor, 14 in all
Heiges Field House -- Phones in the basement women's restroom
Henderson Gym-- Phone in basement women's locker room